Poker Information – How and Guide to Playing AduQ Online – AduQ Site – Guide to playing AduQ Online is one of the online guides which can be found on the online AduQ Site where this game itself is played using dominoes. This game is also very easy where every player will be able to get two cards where how to add them up is very easy. And for new members who just want to start playing, we will be ready to provide several ways and guidelines that will be used in playing AduQ Online which is already very well known and played in Indonesia. Judi Slot Online Indonesia

How and Guide to Playing AduQ Online

the best online qq bookie – Betting games that use Domino cards may be familiar to gambling lovers in Indonesia who play with real money. Domino cards are usually used to play Qiu Qiu and in the game each player will be dealt 4 cards, but this time we are not discussing Qiu Qiu and poker situs judi poker gambling sites but this time I will tell you how to play AduQ which only uses 2 cards in a game. every game.

Maybe many already understand and know how to play Solaire99 but there are still many who don’t understand how to play AduQ Online. To help online gambling lovers to easily understand this game, we will give you an explanation about the Solaire99 game.

This game is played using small cards or dominoes that have a red circle on this card, and this game can be played by a maximum of 8 people and a minimum of 2 people. Members can choose which table they want to sit at before playing, and each table has a different bet value.


  1. When you have entered the desired betting table, players can choose a seat before playing and follow the ongoing game.
  2. Each round the player is required to participate in betting at the table if he wants to get a card from the dealer at the table. and the bets on each table are different.
  3. After sitting down and playing, the players who participate in making bets will receive two cards from the dealer at the table, and it is true that the aduQ game only plays using 2 cards.
  4. After getting a card from the dealer, we have to count the number of red round dots on each card, in this game the highest value is 9 and if the value exceeds 9 then you have to reduce the value by 10 and if you get a value of 10 then the value is calculated as 0 (ZERO).
  5. It’s not easy to play, right? and then what if two equal Solaire99 players have the highest score with the same number? there will be no division of victory, the winner will be crowned if he has a larger log.

How and Guide to Playing AduQ Online

How and Guide to Playing AduQ Online – And the following is an example of each Balak who will win if he has the same value as other players.

  • Player A’s cards are 4/4 – 6/5, while Player B gets 5/5 – 5/4 cards. After adding up the card values ​​held by Player A & Player B are both 9 (nine), but the bet funds will not be divided by two because there is only one winner in each round.
  • If a case like this arises when the Bettor (online betting lover) is all betting, then to find out who will win the bet, it can be seen from the largest card between the two parties.
  • First, see if the two players have a Balak Card, if there is, try to check who’s Balak Card is bigger. If it’s like the case above, then the winner is Player B (because it has 5/5 logs), while Player A only has 4/4 logs.
  • The point is that if the card values ​​are the same, then the biggest Balak Card will win the bet.
  • If both Players do not have Balak Cards, then what is seen is the largest card belonging to each Player. From the case above, if we rule out the Balak Card, then the one who will win the bet is Player A because he has a 6 (six) head card. While Player B only has cards left with a head of 5 (Five).

Thus, this article was created to understand how to play Adu Q, hopefully it will be useful.

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