Poker Information – How to play ceme around online is arguably not difficult. Because basically the way to play is almost the same as other domino qiu qiu games. So for those of you who are used to playing qiu qiu games such as playing bandar ceme or bandarq, of course it will be very easy to adapt in playing ceme around. Judi Slot Indonesia

Currently, there are many poker agents who provide mobile ceme games. That’s because fans of ceme games are growing day by day. For that, those of you who are interested in profiting from playing Fontana99 online betting, it doesn’t hurt to try this game that is quite popular.

Circulating ceme games have become popular in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam since early 2015 as a variation of the ceme game. There are many names for this game. Apart from being known as ceme keliling, sometimes people also call it a city or town game 9.

The interesting thing about the mobile ceme game is thaat all fontana99 players can take turns being a dealer because of its unstable nature. To become a dealer, there is a minimum chip that you must have. The minimum of these chips is different in each room you play. Starting from the small room to the biggest room.

Well, for those of you who are interested in learning how to play this fun game, in this article we will thoroughly discuss the guidelines and techniques for playing Fontana99 ceme around.

Ceme Keliling Play Guide

Both small rooms and large rooms, mobile ceme can only be played from 2 to 8 players. As in other qiu qiu games, each player will get two cards including the dealer. The game can only be started if one of the players acts as a dealer. If no one is a dealer, then the game can’t start yet.

As has been said above, that this game is very similar to the game of Bandar Ceme. So please read how to play Bandar Ceme for a more complete guide.

After you place a bet in one game session, you will get two cards and have the opportunity to peek (shrink) your cards. You can also choose to open the card directly to the table. In this case, you will pit the value of your card against the value of the dealer’s card.

If the dealer has a card that is higher or equal to the value of your card, the dealer is the winner and has the right to withdraw your bet. But if your card is higher than the dealer’s card, the dealer must pay you a number of chips that you installed at the beginning.

The value of the card in the ceme circle game is obtained from adding up two dominoes. In this case, the highest number of cards is 9. If the number of your cards is more than 9 then only the last digit is counted.

For example, if you get a card with 5 circles and 12 circles that add up to 17, then the value of your card is 7. And so on.

What you need to know is that playing in the city position and the player’s position has its advantages and disadvantages. Even though being a city has its perks, the city has to fight 7 people at once. That is, if the dealer’s card is bad, the dealer must pay all players who have a higher card than the dealer.

But there is one thing that is an advantage for players, namely:

Double fee from the city

Players have the opportunity to get a double payment from the city when:

  • The player who gets an odd number of 9 cards (qiu) is 1, 3, 5 or 7. Then the dealer must pay 2 times.
  • The player who gets a card value of 9 (qiu) has an odd number of 2, 4, or 6. So the city only pays 1 fold.

Difference between Ceme and Ceme Roving

The basic thing that distinguishes a circular ceme from a regular ceme is the position of the city. In the game ceme the city is permanent and irreplaceable before the city decides to stand. While on the ceme around all the Fontana99 players can feel the sensation of being a city in turn.

However, not all players have the right to become a dealer. Because only players who have met the requirements. As has been said above, that there is a minimum of chips that you must bring to become a dealer in the mobile game. If you don’t have enough chips, the system will automatically miss your turn.

How? Very easy isn’t it? So for those of you who are interested in playing on online betting sites, there’s no harm in trying this one game.