Guide to Playing Online Slots For Beginners

Playing online slot gambling has now become a trend among online slot fans. There is a lot of information circulating on the internet about how to win this game. This time, we will share information about your complete guide to playing Fontana99 online slot gambling on the trusted PILARPLAY site. For beginners, you can start from here, find various tips, bonuses and other info.

A complete guide to playing online slot gambling

Slots are a top choice for casino daftar joker123 players, as they are the smartest and most efficient way to increase your bankroll. this time we will guide you to get to know online slot games, from paylines to progressive jackpots. Bandar Live Casino

Like offline casinos, online casinos also risk real money. Online casino gambling is very popular. The game is packed with advanced features, it is also capable of pumping out big wins for relatively small expenses.

How to Play Slots Online

When slot games first appeared in the 1990s, they only had a few reels and one payline. But now it has developed into several reels and one payline. Today, you can find slots with 3 reel, 5 reel, 1,024 paylines and expensive animated sequences – there are even slots based on the latest movies.

Actually, whatever game you choose, all of them have the same way of working, maybe in terms of features there are slight differences according to the design of the developer or developer. The most important thing is that before you start playing Fontana99, you should try first before seriously betting.

Spin the Reel Slot

After you fill in the online slot, then on the game screen several reels will appear. Classic slots have 3 vertical reels, modern video slots usually have 5 reels. Each reel has 20-25 symbols relevant to the slot theme. You need to spin the reels and when the reels stop, hit the winning combination of symbols. With so many symbols on the reels – and so many paylines – there will be millions of possible combinations to hit.

At the bottom right of the screen there will be a ‘Spin’ button at the bottom right of the screen that makes the reels move. Some games will have a ‘Skill Stop’ button so you can stop the reel yourself.

View Paytable

Before spinning the reels, you must click on the ‘Paytable’ or “Info” icon on the screen. After that, you will find several payout options for each different winning combination, a list of different symbols and also the details of each bonus round. Some machines will list a Return to Player (RTP) percentage as well.

Betting Options And Paylines

Before starting to play, you must first set the amount of the bet and the number of paylines you want. For games with lower bet options the bet usually starts from USD 0.01 per line.

Then select the number of coins you want to bet on a particular line. You can bet anything from 1 to 10 coins per line. Then choose how many paylines – combinations of symbols on the reels – you want to play. You can bet on one payline or as many as you want – just click on the payline on the side of the game screen.

For example, if an online slot machine has 25 pay lines, and bets range from USD 0.01 to USD 1.00 per coin. Slots allow you to bet up to 10 coins per line. That way, you can play one coin for USD 0.01 on one payline, which means your bet per spin is only USD 0.01, or you can play the most expensive limit which is USD 1.00 per coin, 10 coins per line, and a maximum of 25 paylines. This means your bet per spin is USD 250.

To play the most expensive limit, you can press the ‘Max. Bet’ – every real money slot has this one button – to jump to this option.

Other slots have a fixed payline, meaning that you have no choice about how few or how many paylines you can play. This can lead to bigger cash outlays over time, but you’ll also have the opportunity to win more winning combinations.

Well, until here first for the discussion of the guide to playing Fontana99 online slots. In the next article we will discuss how to win this game. May be useful.


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