How to claim a 100 thousand deposit bonus for new members 2020

How do I get the 100 deposit bonus for new members 2020 ? The way to get the new member bonus is actually quite easy and simple. We only need to take a few simple steps to get a bonus of Rp. 100 thousand. For more details, here is how to get a 100 deposit bonus for new 2020 members. Slot Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan

How to claim a 100 thousand deposit bonus for new members 2020

– Select the Realbet99 site

First, determine the site you want to use in the Online Slot game . Make sure that the site you want to use actually provides a new member bonus of IDR 100,000. Check all things related to the new member bonus. If so, we just have to go to the main page agen sbobet388 of the slot site. The next step is to register.

– Registration

The next stage is registration or registration. At this registration stage, prospective members will be asked to fill out a registration form. On the form, there are a number of data that need to be filled out. Starting from the full name, account number, cellphone number and email. Don’t forget that at this stage we have to create a username as well as a password. If so, confirm the account creation.

– Activate Account

If you have completed registration, it is time to activate your account. To activate the slot gambling account, follow the instructions that have been given. If it is active, we can log in with our account.

– Claim Bonus

After being able to log in, immediately access the bonus page. Previously, first make sure that we have made a deposit. On the bonus page, look for the new member bonus of IDR 100,000 which is available for new members. After meeting, claim the bonus immediately.


– Start the game

If the bonus has been claimed, now is the time to start online slot games. Use the previously claimed bonus to start online slot games on the site where we register.

So earlier, how to get a 100 deposit bonus for new 2020 members . Very easy and not complicated, right? Through these simple steps, we can immediately enjoy a IDR 100,000 bonus for online slot games.