How to Play the Home Away Draw (1X2) Football Market and the Strategy

This type of bet is quite easy to play Solaire99. In 1×2 soccer betting, what is meant by 1 is choosing the host team. While 2 is a bet to choose the team that is a guest or away.

For variable X in this bet means a match that is predicted to be a draw, or just to be safe. The 1×2 market in online soccer betting is indeed quite popular among Indonesian bettors. Well, how to play this type of bet and what are the strategies to win it, here’s an explanation. Situs Casino Online Terbesar

How to Play Home Away Draw Market (1×2)

In “1×2” it is explained that the number 1 is represented for Home / Host. X means draw and 2 means away team. This type of market is only valid for half and full time. Half time is a match in the first half which is daftar judi bola played in 1×45 minutes. While the full time is a 2×45 minute match.

You are also required to choose 1 of the 3 options listed, including:

  • Home/Home is represented by number 1, meaning the home team wins
  • Draw/Draw is represented by X, meaning the match ends in a draw
  • Away/Away Team is represented by 2, meaning the away team wins.

Each of these options will have different odds. The bigger a winning team, the smaller the odds. The opposite is true.

Calculation Example

1. In the First Half (half time)

If in the Barcelona vs Valencia match you choose a draw, then for the match in the first round the value is 100 thousand rupiah. If the result is a draw, then 100 thousand is multiplied by the odds of 2.99. The result obtained is 299 thousand (including capital). However, if Barcelona wins or loses, then the bet is declared failed/lost.

2. In Full Time

In the Barcelona vs Velencia match, if you choose Valencia who wins with a nominal value of 100 thousand, then if you really win, the final result will be 100 thousand multiplied by the odds of 10.50. The result you get is 1 million 50 thousand rupiah. These results include capital. However, if the result of the match is that Barcelona wins or draws, then you will be declared a loser.

Double Chance

In discussing this bet there is also a double chance or double chance. Namely a bet to guess two choices in one type of match. To choose these 2 options, you can choose a 1×2 possibility which means:

  • 1x means that the home team wins or the result will be a draw.
  • 1.2 means the home team and the away team one of them will win. You can guess the two possibilities.
  • X2 means a draw and the away team wins. You can guess 2 possibilities. Namely a draw or victory for the away team.

If 1×2 requires us to choose one possibility, then in this double opportunity you can choose 2 possibilities at once. In playing double chance, you cannot choose matches in 1 round of matches. Thus, you can only bet for full time.

Tips and Strategies for Playing 1×2 and Double Chance

1. Understand the Rules of the Game

Know the rules of the 1×2 game. You can read carefully the features and odds values ​​of the teams that will compete. If you don’t know how to do this, the chances of getting lost will be even greater.

2. Match Analysis

First, analyze which team will compete. Because the competing teams have different strength compositions. Therefore, the voor value is very influential on the team that will compete. Especially if in a big match, where both teams have a strong composition.

3. Analysis of Competing Teams

If you have analyzed the match, it’s time to analyze the team that wants to compete. The state of the team greatly affects the outcome of the match. Especially if the condition of all the featured Solaire99 players are all fit.

4. Prepare Capital

If you have got the target, then prepare enough capital. Capital means placing bets according to the composition of the match. If you analyze the match, of course you will estimate the chances of winning well.

You can place a fairly large bet for a team with a high chance of winning. If the team’s winning percentage is small, it’s best not to place bets that are too big.

5. Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Odds and Handicap Values

In my opinion, don’t be too influenced by the odds value in the ongoing match. It’s best to stay consistent on the team you previously analyzed. It is better to get a win that is not too big than to lose because you are tempted by the odds.

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