Did you know that how to play slot gambling at a casino is really not the same as playing online slots on Android? If you have time to play slots at a casino, of course you understand. You understand that on a slot machine there are a myriad of buttons on the betting panel. There are several buttons that you need to use from the rewrite button, auto play, bet, paylines, to cash out. Situs Judi Bola Terbesar

Unlike if you play online slots on Android, you don’t have to bother pressing the buttons because online versus slot games are easier and easier to play joker deposit pulsa. In this article, I will discuss the fundamentals of slot games and how to play slots on Android correctly and well.

Android Online Slot Gambling Game Guide

Learn RTP In Slot Games

Chances are few know about RTP. RTP is an abbreviation of “Return To Player” which in Indonesian means “Return To Player”. RTP is used to determine the amount of money refunded by the slot machine to the winning Hokibet99 player. The average online slot game in Indonesia has a high RTP of 90% and above.

When you play slots with an RTP of 96% with a bet of 1000 rupiah and win, the machine will return your winnings of 960 rupiah. A discount of 40 rupiah for the cost of machine maintenance.

Reading paytables / Paytables

In every slot game on Android, of course there is a pay table or paytables. You can get this payment table in the info menu (i). Some Hokibet99 players do not read this table, because it is considered not to affect the rewrite results. But here lies the mistake.

By reading the paytables, therefore you will know how big the jackpot you will get. And how big is the additional bonus that is in the game. Of course this will make you even more excited to play because the jackpot is phenomenal.

Distinguish between Pay Lines and All Ways

In playing slot gambling, the most important thing you see is the chance of winning. Not all slot machines use “Pay Lines” winning lines in their games. But there are also those who use “All Ways”. Pay Lines or Win Lines are winning lines listed on a slot machine. If a slot machine determines a winning line of about 20 Lines, then players can make bets from 1 Line to 20 Lines.

If the player makes a 1 Line bet, then the player must obtain a drawing scheme in a sequential (horizontal) way to win. But if the player plays a lot of Lines, then the player’s chances of winning are wide open. Winning lines can be horizontal or diagonal lines.

The “All Ways” slot has no win lines. But getting to the winning step. Usually the All Ways slot provides 243 and 720 ways to win. To win in this slot, you need to get a similar picture scheme on each reel line. For example, you get 2 images of coins on the upper reel, then 2 coins on the middle reel and 2 more coins on the lower reel, so you will get a win.

How to Play Real Money Online Slots on Android

As we all know, playing real money slot gambling is happier and easier. To play, therefore you must have a gambling account that you can get from a legitimate online slot site in Indonesia. The first step you need to do is visit the Accountslot site and register on the existing register page.

After registering, you will get a user ID and password that you can use to log in. Don’t forget to make a deposit transaction by contacting the Accountslot customer service so you can start playing right away. After that you can immediately select the slot game panel at the top of the site page. There are seven slot game providers available. Each provider has several tens to several hundred great games. And only 1 ID is enough, you can play Hokibet99 all the existing slot games.

Start playing by reading the pay table. Press the bet button to determine what bet number you will play. After that, press the rewrite button to spin the reel containing the image or number scheme on the slot machine. Use the auto play button if you are lazy to press the rewrite button many times. That’s complete information about how to play Hokibet99 slots on Android. Hopefully my explanation is useful and can improve our discourse. See you in my article after that. Well, for those of you who want to try various other casino games. Can join the biggest roulette city, In order to get big profits too.



Guide on How to Play Online Slots to Win

Slots can be said to be one of the most popular online arcade gambling games when this can be proven by the large number of slot gambling enthusiasts, including in Indonesia, in the past, slots could only be played by gamblers in places where casinos were provided.

Of course, not everyone can easily play daftar joker123 considering that not many places provide casinos, but when slot games can be played more easily online, of course, to be able to play the excitement of online slot games for every slot gambling fan. Bandar Bola Indonesia

You only need to join one of the best online slot sites and a trusted slot gambling agent site will provide services for playing slot games online by presenting virtual slot machines even though they are played online and don’t play on slot machines directly.

But every bettor can feel the excitement of playing online slot games like on a real machine as long as the gambler plays at a trusted online slot gambling agent, it is different from the type of gambling game in general, slots are easier to play Depobos considering that gambling games are arcade gambling games so that the game does not require a lot of special strategies. .

So it’s not surprising that many online gambling players choose to place bets on online slot games, especially slots themselves always provide great benefits for the players, slot games also have various types of slot games, of course, to make it easier to play slot games.

Every bettor should know in advance how to play online slots properly even though the game is easy but when playing slot games at least the gamblers also need to know some ways in the game so that it will make it easier for gamblers to win playing Depobos slots.

Every type of online gambling game can basically give its players an advantage, even though each type of online gambling game can provide varied benefits in terms of the number of slots itself is one of the online gambling games worth playing because slots are also known to always be able to bring large amounts of profit.

Especially in terms of bonuses, not only that online slot games can also provide other benefits for the players, especially if the bettor knows well how to play Depobos online slots, the more you win, the more benefits can be obtained by players as for some of the advantages of playing online slot games including:

Getting a large jackpot, one of the reasons why slots are widely chosen and played by gamblers is because it provides a large jackpot, so with a large jackpot, it is certainly a distinct advantage for every slot gambling bettor, especially if you join a trusted slot gambling site, the jackpot can be even worth it. up to millions of rupiah.




Double Chance is basically a type of 1 x 2 bet that has been modified so that the chance to win the match is slightly higher than the usual 1 x 2 bet.

This game is a game of choice, whether we will choose 1 host, 2 away teams or x if we predict the match will end in a draw. Agen Bola Deposit 25rb

Playing judi bola nova88 Double Change the basic rules are the same. However, in this bet, you will be given the opportunity to choose two of the three options above. So the options are:

  • The host ( Home ) wins or the match ends in a draw.
  • Home ( Home ) or Away ( Away ) wins .
  • Away Team (Away) wins or the match ends in a draw.

With choices like this, of course, my boss’ winning ratio will increase and my boss will have a great chance to win the bet.

So how do you play this double chance bet?

As usual, login to Bolapelangi, my boss, after arriving at the main window display you will be faced with a screen like this and an example of a match that will start today.

Between Intermilan and As Roma, now the Double Chance is shown below:

Double Chance – DOUBLE CHANCE

In the red box that we marked above are the bets for this type of Double Chance, the description is as follows:

  • 1 X = My boss wins if either the end of the match is the host ( HOME ) wins or the match ends in a draw. If the away team (Away) wins then my boss loses.
  • 1 2 = My boss if one end of the match is the home ( Home ) wins or the away team ( Away ) wins, If the match ends in a draw then my boss bet loses.
  • X 2 = My boss wins If one of the final results of the match is the away team (Away) wins or both teams play a draw. If the match ends with the home team winning then my boss bet loses.

NB: If the match takes place at a neutral venue, then the first named team is still considered the home team (Home) and the second named team is the away team (Away).

To bet is also quite simple, almost the same as other bets. Handicap ( HDP ) / Over Under ( O/U ) / Odd Even ( O / E ) and 1 x 2 .

Betting on double chance can be done by pressing the winning number below according to my boss’s team

additional information for Full Time = 2 x 45 minutes and for First half = only the first half. Examples of the matches below are as follows:


If my boss bets for Inter Milan to win and the match is a draw, then you just have to click on the odds number 1.23 which is below 1X

If my boss bets and feels that this match one of the teams will win then my boss just clicks on the 1.30 number odds which are below 1 2

If my boss bets for the away team to win or the match will end in a draw, my boss just clicks on the odds number 1.95 which is below X 2

After my boss clicks there will be a bet slip that you have to fill in as usual. That’s our quick guide to this Double Chance bet.

Indeed, the winning value from bets is usually not large, but it is good for just a snack and has a large winning ratio.

Don’t forget, to play this bet, my boss needs an ID or Account from Bolapelangi.

Register or register in advance here which is the largest agent in Asia for now.

Registration can be done by my boss in the registration form at the bottom of this article or my boss can directly visit > Sign up for the rainbow ball bet.

my boss can also visit our live chat so that cs can help my boss to make an easy and fast registration.

my boss can also visit our live chat so that cs can help my boss to make an easy and fast registration.

Thank you, see you and hope my boss can win big.



A Guide to Calculating Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling

Guide on how to play soccer betting and how to calculate Mix Parlay At SBOBET, we will explain everything in detail so that players can easily understand how to place bets and estimate wins and how to calculate mix parlays. The way to place a bet for Mix Parlay on SBOBET is that you have to choose a minimum of 3 bets in football. You can choose football market bets in the form of Handicap or HDP, O/U or Over Under, Correct score guess (score) 1X2 (Home, DRAW, Away), Odd / Even or odd even. Judi Bola Online24jam Terpercaya

Pair bets must be placed before the match starts because there is no ball for the Mix Parlay. You can choose round 1 (Half Time) or 2 rounds (Full Time) matches. for the guess of this game which is calculated only 2X45 minutes. Playing agen judi nova88 online soccer gambling is an activity that is very influential on people

the financial side of every online soccer betting player.

Especially for the Mix Parlay game which does offer big wins with only a small capital. Most of them still don’t know about the rules of the game and how to calculate them. It’s a pity if you don’t understand this game because this type of game is very profitable.

With an explanation of how to play Hokijudi99 Mix Parlay bets and an understanding of this soccer bet, you will be able to feel how profitable it is and can reap the glory of up to millions of Rupiah in 1 match package.

About game procedures, game rules, and how to calculate mix parlays will be explained in full, clearly, and given in an easy-to-understand way to be a useful reference for these soccer betting Hokijudi99 players.

How to Calculate Mix Parlay Wins

For an explanation of the SBOBET Mix Parlay calculation, you can see the image below.

  • How to calculate the ODDS result package, all Win Full (WON)
  • How to calculate the ODDS result package There are Full Wins (WON), and draws (DRAW)
  • How to calculate the ODDS result package There is a Full Win (WON), Half Win (WON 1/2)
  • How to calculate the ODDS result package Some Win Full (WON), lose half (LOSE 1/2)
  • How to calculate packages whose ODDS results are Full Win (WON), Half Win (WON 1/2), Half Lose (LOSE 1/2), and DRAW


For how to count packages that have a Team that is Draw, Void, Postponed, Rejected or canceled / crossed out, the Odds are considered 1.

for how to calculate the team’s package that wins half, first calculate each team’s odds that win half, the way the team’s winning half is reduced by 1 then divided by 2 and added back by 1 (Odds — 1: 2 + 1). Calculated per-Team. For how to calculate the half-losing team package, it means that the team value does not exist and the total bet value must be divided by 2 as much as the number of teams that lost half in that 1 package.

how to calculate mix parlay your final Odds result must be multiplied according to the conditions of win / win half / draw / lose half / lose. if there is only 1 loser, then surely you have lost all.

To make it easier for you to play Hokijudi99 this game, it is recommended to choose a trusted online soccer gambling site. The best online soccer gambling agents will certainly provide 24-hour information and service for you to play this online soccer gambling game.



How to Play Mix Parlay Sbobet Online Soccer Gambling to Win

Good morning friends, on this sunny day, we hope you are in good health! So you can still play with us. On this occasion, we know how to play mix parlay for online gambling lovers for free or for free.

The soccer gambling game itself is no stranger to gambling lovers because it has been a long time apart from poker or casino games, one of the players’ favorites when playing gambling is soccer games, which are often broadcast live on all TV stations such as the Champions League.

You can play soccer gambling yourself, you can play link alterantif rfbet99 on PCs and smartphones based on Android and IOS owned by the bettor himself, as one of the advantages of playing with us with the aim that every player can play anywhere and anytime. Situs Taruhan Bola Resmi

The guide to playing mix parlay soccer gambling can be said to be difficult and easy because by the way you understand the various rules contained in this game.

The parlay soccer betting guide requires that each RFbet99 player choose 3 clubs as a minimum selection, such as handicaps, odd-even, over-under and 1×2 with a maximum selection of 20 teams or often referred to as the word club.

You as bettors also have to know about the minimum bet and the maximum bet in playing mix parlay which is 13,000 (minimum) 25,000 (maximum).

If you are a new gambling lover, then we recommend understanding in advance how to play mix parlay carefully, see this article until the end you can find out more about playing the mix parlay soccer gambling.

We recommend that as new gambling RFbet99 players make bets with a minimum of predictions first so that you can find out the flow of playing the mix parlay itself until you are familiar with the 3 types of winning predictions then you play for even more types of predictions.

This type of game can be said to be difficult and confused because the more you guess the ball club, the bigger the odds on the bet, so that it makes you to get a large multiplication of wins when you guess all the clubs of your choice. However, there are also rules that stipulate something like this:

Bettors choose a club of 10 teams with the final result of victory only to 9 teams while the remaining 1 team lost so we advise you to be careful in making these choices.

How to Play a Good & Correct Mix Parlay

Guide on how to play a good & correct mix parlay

The display above is an example of how to play mix parlay soccer betting.

There is a column that says Birmingham City at the top in red while Wigan Athletic at the bottom is in blue.

Each red club name indicates that the club gives vooran to the blue club, namely Lazio.

Handicap (HDP) is one of several live soccer betting bets where each big club will give a vote to the weaker team.

The vooran given by the big club varies depending on each online soccer site, usually there are 3-4 voorans given in one match.

Over Under (Over Under) is different from other bets because it is not concerned with vooran because RFbet99 players are only required to predict the total number of goals in one match whether it is at the top or bottom according to the market.

Odd Even (Odd Even) is an easy type of bet because you only need to guess 2 choices such as left or right, but in this bet you will guess whether the score created in the match is odd or even.

1×2 is a type of bet that requires each bettor to choose one of the 3 available columns as winners, whether in the home column, the new team or even a draw.

The duration of 1 round of football matches is 45 minutes and 2 rounds of matches or full time consist of 90 minutes.

When you understand the appearance of the mix parlay gambling, then we will explain how to calculate the type of mix parlay bet.



How to Play Outright Soccer Gambling Well and Correctly

How to play outright – On this occasion we will discuss a special guide to playing outright for free to you so you don’t experience problems when playing daftar judi online with us.

Football gambling games are certainly familiar because this game has been around for a long time until now, so you don’t get bored with these types of bets, that’s all, we provide a new type of bet, which is a special outright for all of you.

Playing special outright itself is not easy to find because it is only found in a few world leagues, with different odss sizes depending on which team you choose, the team’s country of origin also affects the odss amount. Situs Bola Terbaik

The RFbet99 players are required to guess who is the winner in the match such as the winner of the group, quarter-final, semi-final, grand final or which team will fall during the match.

How To Play Outright Special For Beginners

How to play special outright properly and correctly is a very easy game because you only need to guess the winner or top score winner in this match or also predict the team that will fall / be relegated.

However, before you guess this team, the first step you have to do is to have a game account, if the bettor doesn’t have one, it can be obtained by contacting our customer service to help create this game account.

Pretty easy isn’t it? So you don’t need to be surprised if many RFbet99 players like this type of outright bet, now we will explain a little about the steps to play for new players like you. Read this article to the end.

The first special way to play outright is to log in using a game account and then enter the outright betting menu according to the bettor’s choice to play with trusted online gambling agents like us.

To start betting, you can see in the sports section to choose the type of game you want, if you have then you can take part in betting with us.

When it is done, a display of various markets will immediately appear on the right side of the screen near the name of this team.

Don’t be afraid of the size of the odss given by the city, because the bigger the odss, the bigger the winning payout of course.

If you have determined your team choice or guessed the score, then you can fill in the steak column according to your wishes in betting. To re-check the bets that have been registered, you can look at the my bet column.

If you already understand the rules, then you can try this type of outright game as your first experience.

As we can say about the initial steps for playing RFbet99 outright, let’s continue into the discussion about calculating the odds when playing outright.

Outright Gambling Winning Calculation

When playing outright gambling, you have to make sure the market is because by looking at the market we can determine how many wins if it is correct when predicting with examples:

When the world cup league in 2018 germany had odss5.80, then you bet 25,000 on that match. If you win, then the winning payout on the ODSs is 25,000 x 5.80 – 25,000 = 125,000 along with the initial capital of each bettor.

We hope that this is where our explanation of the outright game ends, I hope the method from this article can be understood quickly!

Thus our discussion this time about how to play special outright properly and correctly that we can convey so as not to experience any problems when playing on this type of bet. RMK828 says so and thank you.



How to Play Gambling Guess the Ball Score With Real Money

In the following review we will also tell you how to play guessing scores with real money for loyal members of the online sbobet88 bookie.

Guess the score bet or correct score is a bet where the sbobet88 agent nova88 deposit pulsa players guess the final result of the match.

The presence of this Depobos agent has also answered all the worries of soccer gambling players in Indonesia, because Indonesia itself enforces a rule from the government, namely the prohibition of gambling in any form. Agen Sbobet Asia

Where in the ball dealer, sbobet88 itself is an official and online gambling place, because it can be easily reached and played at any time by bettors. And only enough to have an account only.

How to Play Gambling Guess the Score Online

If you want to master how to play this online correct score or correct score gambling well, therefore players who do not have an account on the sbobet gambling site.

You can also try to prepare a few things in advance and immediately visit the gambling site using a smartphone.

If you are already on the main page of the online gambling site or sbobet88 agent, players can immediately click on the account list menu.

You can do the account registration process by filling in several columns on the list menu by attaching only the player’s personal data. In the process of filling out the ball account list form, it is very easy to understand.

When you have completed the process of filling out the ball account list column, the player can also immediately contact the sbobet88 officer who is on guard to get the following instructions.

The process of checking and creating an account by the officer only takes less than 5 minutes. To be able to talk directly to customer service, you can use whatsapp, live chat and line.

After getting an account from the list process, you can also immediately do the login process into the game first while following several ways to play the following guessing score gambling.

In how to play guessing ball scores online, there are actually not only score updates along with large odds values ​​for the two teams that will soon compete. But there is another option, namely AOS or the abbreviation of Any Other Score.

For this AOS option intended for gamblers this correct score is an option that is not included in the bets provided by the sbobet88 agent.

In the following, we will provide some overview of the odds value and choices in the correct score betting process:

Finding the match between Real Madrid vs Juventus, then the choice of guessing the score is:

  • 0: 0 odds @ 12
  • 0: 1 odds @ 13.5
  • 0: 2 odds @ 22
  • 0: 3 odds @ 50
  • 0: 4 odds @ 1.85
  • 1: 0 odds @ 8.70
  • 1: 1 odds @ 6.30
  • 1: 2 odds @ 11.5
  • 1: 3 odds @ 25
  • 1: 4 odds @ 90
  • 2: 0 odds @ 16.5
  • 2: 1 odds @ 6.60
  • 2: 2 odds @ 15.5
  • 2: 3 odds @ 30
  • 2: 4 odds @ 100
  • Serta AOS @ 32

If the player guesses the final score of 1: 2 @ 11.5 in the match of the two teams with a bet of IDR 150,000.

And the result of the match according to the Depobos player’s guess will receive an additional winning point of Rp. Odds value – 1 is just multiplied by the bet amount. For example @11.5 – 1 = 10.5 x IDR 150,000 = IDR 1,575,000.

NB: We have equated the winning calculation formula with the payment value that is usually made by the online sbobet88 agent.



How to play the most complete and safe soccer betting handicap

We can say how to play soccer gambling handicaps as street soccer betting, handicap gambling itself is the essence of soccer betting.

Played by giving or receiving points from the ongoing match, handicap gambling is often seen when it is done at the same time as watching a football match.

Because of the excitement of football matches, everyone bets directly with friends, family or other people who are not known. Situs Judi Online24jam

I think you have to be careful about that, of course the pay is not appropriate or not paid. For everyone, money is a sensitive thing, there will be feelings of irritation, anger and emotion.

From here we have a safe solution for betting on soccer, because developments are so sophisticated you no longer need to look for opponents to bet on handicap soccer betting.

Of course we are here as an online soccer gambling agent at the Sbobet provider, in a simple and easy way to play daftar ibcbet.

You can play online soccer gambling via a computer or smartphone based on Android and IOS, we will also discuss Sbobet agents.

How to play soccer gambling handicaps is one of the many games in the Sbobet agent, as a distributor for every gambling Depobos player, of course, it must be safe and reliable.

Sbobet already has permission from the Philippine government and any winnings you get will be paid appropriately and on time.

Sbobet itself has known many soccer gambling players, I think it has been around for a long time since 2004. Here we will explain about online soccer handicap gambling.

Complete Explanation of How to Play Handicap for Beginners

There are some terms on how to play handicap gambling that you must know in advance as well as voor-vooran available, such as what is the complete explanation? As follows:

Handicap Betting Terms

We will explain various terms in handicap gambling, as below:

  • Half Time ( HT ) = A bet that is only played in the first half using 1 x 45 minutes, you could say half a round.
  • Full Time ( FT ) = A bet that is played in the first and second rounds using a time of 2 x 45 minutes, it can be said with a full round.
  • Home ( H ) = You could say the host and usually its position is on the left or top.
  • Away ( A ) = The term away is the guest team and is located on the right or bottom.
  • Odds = Odds which can be regarded as the market of a football bet, because it determines how much victory is obtained. For the odds themselves, there are 2 types, namely plus and minus odds, for the difference as follows:
  • Minus Odds
    For minus odds itself, it is a market where the result of a match is the winning team, every time you make a bet with a minus market, you will be subject to key or tax money and usually the color itself is red.
  • Odds Plus
    Odds plus itself is not subject to tax money, we often see this market as the opposing team from the superior team and usually the color itself is black.
  • Time = The term of the start time of a football match, usually marked with the date and time of the match from the GMT +7 time zone.

Front-front Pada Judi Handicap

One of them you need to know is vooran or it can be called giving or receiving points, as follows an example of how to play Depobos online soccer betting handicaps:

  • 0-0 = Means there is no voor-vooran or it can be called as leg-legkan.
  • 0-0.5 = This means that the point is 1/4, if you want to win, you must get a difference of 1 point from the team that received the points.
  • 0.5 = The meaning of 0.5 is half (1/2)
  • 0.5-1 = This Vooran can be called by giving or receiving 3/4 points.
  • 1 = Means the points that must be given to the opponent or host are 1.
  • Can be continuously up to 2, 3, 4 and so on.

We will also provide examples and calculations of the prizes you get in handicap gambling, as follows a review of soccer betting handicap bets:

  • Put 100 Thousand At Odds 3.2 And Receive 3/4 Host Points
  • If the result of the match ends Barcelona vs Real Madrid 0 – 0, then win. The prize is 100,000 x 3.2 = 320,000 excluding capital.
  • Put 200 Thousand With Odds 4.2 And Give Points Team Opponent 1
  • If the result of the end of the match Bayern Munchen 2 – 0 Bayern Leverkusen, then win. The winnings are 4.2 x 200,000 + 200,000 = 1,040,000 including capital.
  • Put 100 Thousand At Odds 2.9 And Give 2 Points To The Opposing Team
  • Suppose the final result of the match Tottenham Hotspur 2 – 0 Arsenal, then the draw. So the capital will be returned without the slightest reduction.
  • Such is the complete explanation of how to play Depobos soccer betting handicaps for beginners, how easy is it not to play? Now we will give you some tips that might make you all win big.



Tips for Winning 1×2 Football Betting

We provide various tips to win in 1×2 soccer betting, I am sure after you make a bet with our tips, you will definitely feel the victory and make withdrawals continuously. As below, tips on how to play Fastbet99 1 × 2 soccer gambling:

Install Featured Team

If you want to win quickly, you can try to put a winning team from the match, I can present 90: 10 wins. Bandar Judi Bola Online

Put X On Both Big Team Match

Trying to place a tie bet on both big matches like Barcelona vs Liverpool, because both are equally strong will definitely end in a draw.

Bet With Small Capital First

For every beginner, I think small capital at the beginning is the right choice, so that you understand first how to play judi bola online so it’s not in vain if you use small capital.

Seeing Predicted Scores in Online Media

You can also see score predictions on online media such as Google or you can join prediction groups via Facebook and Whatsapp social media.

Must Believe in Choice

Never be afraid to bet on the feeling you use, it could be that feeling is more accurate and results in big wins or can follow the predictions of friends who are experts in soccer games.

Please try tips on how to play Fastbet99 1×2 soccer gambling, hopefully victory will always be with you all. If there are still problems or confusion, you can contact the live chat which is available 24 hours online without holidays. Later there will be assisted by customer service.

All questions or problems you have will be resolved by customer service, because all of our customer service is already familiar with all the existing games. Until this article we made, I pray that all of you always win.

Don’t forget to share this article for those in need, so you can simultaneously bet and exchange opinions on the results of football matches. Hopefully useful, thank you and good luck with playing Fastbet99 1×2 soccer gambling.



How to Play 1×2 Football Gambling on Sbobet Agents in Indonesia

How to play 1×2 soccer gambling is very suitable to be played for beginners, because the method is very easy to do. Here you only choose 1, x and 2. Bets like this we have encountered a lot in various kinds of soccer bets, because bets like this are quite simple.

As a soccer gambling player, you must be familiar with 1×2 bets, of course because it is easy to win in bets like this. In Indonesia itself is a very popular gambling bet and usually bets for sure with friends or other people. Situs Sbobet Terbaru

Here we are as distributors of soccer gambling players to play link alternatif solaire99 safely and reliably. By joining us with a Sbobet agent, here of course all small, medium and large groups can play together.

For how to play 1×2 soccer gambling, you can access it online with a computer or Smartphone based on Android and IOS. To convince all of you that the Sbobet agent is a trusted and safe distributor, you can look at various internet media.

We have also worked well with trusted banks in Indonesia such as BCA (Bank Central Asia), BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia), Mandiri, Danamon, Cimb Niaga and also BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia). So don’t choose the wrong agent carelessly, because you bet using money.

If you want to play Solaire99 for the first step yourself, you must register which we have provided in the Register menu.

There you just fill out the list form which is quite easy to do, if you have registered, of course you can make 1×2 bets.

Complete Understanding of How to Play 1×2 Soccer Gambling for Beginners

I will explain in detail about how to play Solaire99 1×2 soccer gambling correctly, but before that in bets like this. You can play in the first half of 1 x 45 minutes or the full round of 2 x 45 minutes. how do you bet 1×2? As explained below:

A. 1 (Host)

Is the host in the ongoing match, the result itself if you choose the host must win both parties competing. We give some examples so that you don’t make the wrong 1×2 bet, as follows:

  • Bet 100 Thousand With Odds 4.2
    If the final result of Shakhtyor Soligorsk 3 – 1 Neman Grodno, the bet wins. Winnings are 100,000 x 4.2 = 420,000 including capital.
  • Bet 200 thousand on Odds 3.2
    For example the result of the two Dinamo Brest teams 2 – 1 Slavia Mozyr, then the bet wins. The prize you get is 200,000 x 3.2 = 640,000 including capital.
  • IDR 100,000 Bet With Market 2.2
    Suppose both teams end up scoring Istiklol Dushanbe 2 – 2 FK Khujand, the bet loses. Because the result is X or called a series.

B. X ( Draw/Seri)

How to play 1×2 soccer gambling for X bets themselves, from the two competing teams must end in a draw or no one wins. Here’s an example:

  • Bet IDR 200,000 (4.5)
    Suppose the match ends with Deportivo Ocotal 0 – 0 Deportivo Las Sabanas, you win. Winnings are 200,000 x 4.5 = 900,000 including initial funds.
  • Place IDR 100,000 (3.2)
    For example, from the match Les Lierres 1 – 1 Athletico Olympic FC, it means you win. The prize is 100,000 x 3.2 = 320,000 already with the initial funds.
  • Placing IDR 300,000 (2.1)
    Result of the match ended Belshina Bobruisk 2 – 3 FC Gorodeya, of course lost. Because the opposing team won.

C. 2 (Opponent Team)

Betting like this the opposing team must win from the home team, as follows an example of how to play 1×2 soccer gambling:

  • Bet IDR 400,000 (2.9)
    If the final score is from Myresjo/Vetlanda FK 1 – 2 Vimmerby IF, it means you win. Winning is 400,000 x 2.9 = 1.160,000 including capital.
  • Bet 1 Million (1.3)
    If the result of the match Sodra Sandby IF 1 – 2 KSF Kosova, of course wins. The prize is 1,000,000 x 1.3 = 1,300,000 including capital.
  • Bet IDR 10,000 (2.5)
    If the score of Deportivo Walter Ferretti is 1 – 0 Chinandega, of course you lose. Because the hosts won the match.

That’s how to play Solaire99 1×2 soccer gambling correctly for beginners, it’s very easy, isn’t it? From here we will also provide some tips to win. All the tips we provide later the decision in your own hands whether you want to follow or not.



How to Play Over Under Bola88 Online Easily

Today we want to explain how to play over under bola88 online easily to readers and beginners.

Over under itself is defined as above and below, where in the betting process the players only need to guess the score on the two teams is over or under.

To be able to easily and clearly understand this over-under gambling, judi bola nova88 players must know some of the basics of the betting process first.

Like the reading of the voor value which is usually always updated simultaneously by the sbobet bola88 agent. Daftar Situs Judi Bola Online

In fact, this one ball gambling game has a very high level of fans between handicap and mix parlay.

Because it is considered one of the easiest types of online soccer betting to play Solaire99.

How To Play Over Under At Bandar Bola88 Online

Here we will explain how to play over under at bandar bola88 online clearly and completely for beginners.

When you enter the over-under betting table, there are several menus or terms that players must understand, for example:

  • HDP : Handicap selection
  • FT / Full time : 2 full halves 2x45min
  • HT / Half time : First half
  • Time : Time for each round
  • O / Over : Over or above
  • U / Under : Under or less
  • H / Home : Home team
  • A / Away : Away Team

Usually terms like this can be found when players enter the over under gambling table, in the online over under table players must also pay attention to some furran values.

To be able to understand well the process of betting over under football online, use a combination of online vooran bola88 values:

Table Over Under

  • 0.25 or 1/4
    Will be declared a winner if you give an over option if there are 2 goals or more.
    Win for the under option if only 1 goal is created.
  • 0.50 or 1/2
    Will be declared a win in the under option if the goal is only 1 – 1 or 1 – 0.
    Win over if there is only a goal difference of more than 2 goals, 2 – 1.
  • 0.75 or 3/4
    If the goal is more than 3 goals such as 3 – 0 or 3 – 1, then you can choose over.
    If you want to choose under as the winner, then the results may only differ by 1 goal or draw.
  • 1.00 or furr 1 ball
    Can win Under if the goal is created only 0 – 0
    Can win over if the goal difference is 2-3 goals.

The presence of the furran value is intended so that the result of the match between the two teams does not become a draw or draw.

In how to play Solaire99 over under the ball not only includes the decimal value of vooran only, but also there is the value of odds for the players.

Top Down Win Counting Guide

With these odds values, it makes the process of betting on over-under online soccer even more exciting and fun, why is that?

Because with these odds, players can bring back a bigger win than the nominal bet.

Also understand well the odds value on how to play over under the ball, because by making bets without knowing the payment process for each odds value played, it will make players confused and lose.

For example :

1. The match between Intermilan vs AS Roma with odds (plus) @ 1.15, and As Roma gives voor 0.25 to Intermilan. As well as players playing over for the match with a stake of IDR 100,000.

The final result of the competition between the two teams is 1 – 2, the city of bola88 online stated that the over selection party won.

Then the player will get paid Rp 100,000 x 1.15 = Rp 115,000 not including capital.

2. The match between Real Sociedad vs Juventus with an odds of @ -1.20 (minus), Juventus gave a voor of -0.75 to Real Sociedad. Betting under is IDR 100,000.

If the final result of the match score is only 1 – 0 and the player chooses under will win.

The winning payment process will be received by the player only for a bet of IDR 100,000, if he loses, he is required to pay the odds value of IDR 120,000.

Tips for Winning Over Under Bets

If there are players who have understood all the explanations that we have told about how to play over under online, you can also try to follow the following betting winning tips:

  • First determine how much capital the Solaire99 player wants to play when they want to make the betting process.
  • To get a win, it’s also a good idea for players to try playing in several big leagues such as the EURO, English Premier and Championship, because in these big leagues there are some big and reliable teams.
  • If you have won, you can immediately make the withdrawal process or withdraw the winning credit balance first to secure the bettors’ initial capital.
  • The following advice is for beginners who just want to bet over under, you can also play the plus odds value first.
  • Those are some of the meanings of how to play over under in the city of bola88 that we can convey to beginners or players who do not know clearly.

With reviews like this, you might be able to increase your winning percentage much better than before.



How to play Odd Even at Sbobet Online and Official Soccer Agents

In this afternoon’s study, we will try to convey how to play odd even at an official and trusted sbobet soccer agent in Indonesia.

Odd even betting or better known as odd even (OE) is an easy betting process for beginners to play at the sbobet soccer agent. And has become one of the most popular bets by world bettors.

As we know, the sbobet soccer agent is a gathering place for online soccer gambling fans to make a bet on their favorite or favorite team with real money. Bandar Judi Bola Terpercaya

Because the trusted sbobet agent can provide a complete and clear match schedule.

How to Play ODD Even at Sbobet Soccer Agent

Before we continue the discussion on how to play agen judi bola odd even or even odd, make sure first you have already become a regular member of the online football gambling city sbobet.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can also immediately prepare your personal data to carry out the account registration process.

The process of registering an account at an online sbobet soccer agent is actually very easy to do, it is only enough to visit the official sbobet website page via the player’s smartphone or laptop.

After being on the official sbobet website page, Solaire99 players can immediately click on the account list menu, in the soccer gambling list menu players can fill in several empty fields according to the instructions given.

As below, the steps for filling out the online ball list column:

  • Please enter your full name
  • Select Game category (Sbobet)
  • Type of game (Judi Bola)
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Bank
  • Account name Account
  • number

In the process of filling out the sbobet ball account list form, players are required to provide as much personal information as possible.

If you provide data information carelessly, it will greatly hamper all processes for creating the account.

If you have completed the process of filling out the registration form, you can immediately contact the online sbobet agent customer service to get an account according to the data sent by you.

If you have obtained an account from sbobet customer service, players can immediately enter the game and choose a sportsbook and bet odd events.

In the following, we will try to explain how to play odd even in a clear and complete way.

Basically, odd even bets can be played according to the wishes of the players, for example, they only want to play in HT (first half) or FT (2 full rounds).

Actually, in online odd-even gambling, you only need to determine the final result of the match is an even or odd number.

As below the score results are included in the odd even calculation:

Odd Scores consist of:

  • 0 – 1
  • 1 – 0
  • 1 – 2
  • 2 – 3

Even Scores consist of:

  • 0 – 0
  • 1 – 1
  • 0 – 2
  • 2 – 2

In the way of playing odd even to calculate the final score of the match between the two teams, it is only by adding up the results of the two scores.

You can also pay attention to the existence of several bet values ​​that can be played when betting on this odd even option.

Tips for Counting Odd Even Wins

Still in the summary of how to play this odd even event, we will also provide tips for calculating wins with the odds values ​​contained in each match.

Basically, the presence of these odds values ​​from the sbobet ball dealer is very beneficial for every bettor.

The odds value is actually divided into two options such as plus and minus odds. To find out the difference in the number of wins at each player’s choice of odds, which are as follows:

If you place a bet on the Napoli vs Juventus match with an odds plus (inscribed in black) @ 1.40 and the guess result is an even number of IDR 100,000.
If the result of the match is won by Juventus with a score of 0-2, then the player will receive a payment of IDR 100,000 x 1.40 = IDR 240,000 including capital.

If the final result states odd or 1-2 players only pay IDR 100,000.

If you choose the Barcelona vs Leicester City match, the odds are minus (inscribed in red) @ -1.25 and the player can be won by Barcelona with an odd final result of IDR 100,000.
If the final result of the match states that you won with a score of 3 – 2, then you will only receive payment according to the player’s bet, which is IDR 100,000.

If the final score of the series 2-2 means even then the player must pay the loss according to the odds value, which is IDR 125,000.

NB: Also pay attention to how to play this oddd even for the minus odds value, the players must have a balance in excess of the odds value they want to play. If your balance is mediocre then you cannot make the betting process.

Tricks to Win Odd Even Gambling

In the following, we also want to share a few accurate winning tricks in how to play this odd event to the loyal members of the online sbobet soccer agent.

  • Before making a bet, make sure you want to play using the plus or minus odds, because each payment will be very different.
  • You can check the next match schedule for both teams, usually there is a match the next day for one of the teams.
  • If so, it is certain that the core Solaire99 players on the team will only be played for a short time.
  • Starting a bet using the smallest bet first, you don’t need to get carried away by lust to get big wins like other bettors.
  • If you have won in one of the player’s guesses, you can also carry out the process of withdrawing the winning balance or withdrawing it first.
  • Maybe this is all we can convey about how to play odd even to permanent members or even new members.

We hope that with the discussion we have conveyed this can make you achieve a big victory.



How to Play FG LG (First Goal, Last Goal) Online Football Betting

How to play FG LG (First Goal, Last Goal) soccer betting can be done directly on the sportsbook menu, bets like this are one of the things that judi bola nova88 players are rarely interested in. But if it is done directly by watching a football match, I think it will be more interesting.

First goal (FG) in Indonesian means the first goal while the last goal (LG) is the last goal, there you only choose three options, first, last or no goal.

Most people have a hard time finding opponents to bet on, but you don’t have to be afraid of that.

Because we are the official Sbobet soccer gambling site which is a distributor of Fontana99 players to bet on football online, Sbobet has also been officially released. Daftar Situs Bola Terpercaya

Because it has had a permit from the Philippine government since 2004 and has worked well with banks in Indonesia.

So I think it is safe and reliable and even everyone is familiar with Sbobet agents, here we will explain how to play Fontana99 FG LG online soccer gambling correctly.

Because bets like this are very easy to do and of course easy to win too.

This is an option in betting that is profitable for all of you, but before that you must register first in order to play.

The way you just fill in the registration form that has been provided and is the first step before betting on FG LG football (First / Last Goal).

Understanding How to play FG LG Online Soccer Gambling

We will discuss in detail and in full how to play FG LG soccer gambling for beginners, in bets like this there are 2 game times such as the first half which is played 1 x 45 minutes and two rounds of 2 x 45 minutes.

The time used in the bets we give is usually indicated by the date and time of the match from the GMT +7 time zone.

Surely you guys can’t wait, don’t want to make FG LG bets for soccer gambling, don’t have to linger any longer, as below, how to play:

Types of Bets FG LG

There are 5 types of bets on the first, last goal that you need to know as follows:

First Goal Home

A bet like this means the hosts have to score the first goal.

First Goal Away

This bet must be the opposing team who scores first.

Last Goal Home

The sign that the host must score the last goal.

Last Goal Away

Instead of the host, the opposing team must score last.

No Goal

The sign is that there are no goals in a match.
Examples and Calculations How to play FG LG Online Soccer Gambling

Here I will give some examples and calculations on LG FG bets, as follows:

  • Place 100 Thousand With Odds 3.2 First Goal Home
    If the final result is Manchester City 1 – 0 Manchester United, then you win. Winnings are 100,000 x 3.2 = 320,000 including capital.
  • Place 200 Thousand With Odds 4.2 Last Goal Away
    If the result of the first half of Barcelona is 1 – 0 Real Madrid then the second half ends with Barcelona 1 – 2 Real Madrid, then you win. Winning is 200,000 x 4.2 = 840,000 including capital.
  • Post 300K With Odds 2.9 No Goal
    In a football match between Bayern Munich 0 – 0 Bayern Leverkusen, then win. The prize is 300,000 x 2.9 = 870,000 including capital.
  • Bet 100K On Odds 3.2 Host’s Last Goal
    Suppose the result of the match is Inter Milan 1-2 Juventus, you lose. Because the last goal scored by the visitors was Juventus.
  • Bet 200K On Odds 4.2
    Opposing Team’s First Goal Suppose the match ends at Atlanta 0 – 0 Samporida, you lose.
  • The result is no goal or no goal at all.
    It’s very easy to do, isn’t it how to play FG LG soccer gambling? Of course it will be easy to win, but after registering, of course, you have to make a deposit to get chips or so-called balances in a game.

If you already have a chip, you can immediately place the bet.

I also have tips for winning in bets like this, because we want to always pamper our members so that they win easily.

Tips for Winning the First and Last Goal Bet

If you can’t wait to find out tips on how to play FG LG soccer betting, we just give it as below:

Everything Must Start From Understanding How To Play

You can see again above how to play Fontana99, if you still don’t understand, you can read over and over again about the guide reviews we provided above.
Surely later will understand by itself, because bets like this are easy to do.

Using Small Capital As An Initial Stage

As a beginner, of course, you have to use a small capital first before betting so that it is not in vain when making bets, with just a small capital you can also win a lot of money.

Trying For The Featured Team On The First Goal

It could be in a match between the two teams, one of them must be the superior team.
So I think trying to put the team ahead on the first goal will definitely pay off.

Use Your Own Feeling

I always recommend you all never be afraid of your own feelings, because they are usually more accurate even if you are not sure.

Or the second option can also ask friends who are experts in soccer predictions.

Play Enough

I suggest you guys to bet the game in moderation and have to remember the time.
If you have experienced continuous wins, you can immediately withdraw it, you can take a short break first.

Thus the article on how to play Fontana99 FG LG online soccer gambling I made, so that all new members can bet correctly.

If there are still problems, you can contact directly via live chat which is present 24 hours online non-stop, later there will be assisted by customer service.

Don’t hesitate to ask customer service, because any questions about the game that you don’t understand will be explained to the fullest until you understand.

We always help sincerely and wholeheartedly without complaining, because our priority is good and maximum service.

Don’t forget to share this article on how to play Fontana99 LG FG for your relatives or friends who are beginners and want to play.

Because sharing is so beautiful, thank you for reading this article. I pray for a big win for every bet that exists.



Guide to Playing Half Time Full Time (HT/FT) Soccer Gambling

On this occasion we will discuss the guide to playing half time full time soccer gambling to all of you for free so that you can play bets smoothly without any problems. Bandar Sbobet Terpercaya

Football gambling games have been around for a long time, so it’s not surprising that soccer gambling players Depobos are no stranger to the scope of online gambling lovers.

Because in Indonesia it is strictly prohibited to have gambling so we provide a guide to playing online soccer gambling so that you can play agen judi bola anywhere and anytime, of course, players can play using PCs and smartphones based on Android and IOS owned by the bettor himself. as a small part of the facilities that we provide to you.

Depobos also provides other ball market guides that you can learn properly and correctly, such as handicaps, over under, outright, guessing scores, mix parlays, odd and even, total goals, 1×2 and others.

Guide to Playing Half Time Full Time Soccer Gambling

Listen carefully and correctly the explanation of the guide to playing Depobos half time full time soccer gambling below:

There are several types of bets in soccer gambling games, one of which is Home which means the home team, Away means the away team and draw means a draw. In addition there are many other types of bets as below:

  • HH / Home Home : This bet type requires both the first half and the second half to be won by the host.
  • HD / Home Draw: Players will be deemed to have won when selecting HD, if the first match the host wins and the final round is a draw.
  • HA / Home Away: This type requires that the first half results in a win for the home team and the second half on the away team as the winner.
  • DH / Draw Home : This bet type must result in a draw in the first half as well as a second half win for the hosts.
  • DD / Draw Draw: Definition of round one or two successfully ending a draw or draw.
  • DA / Draw Away : The match resulted in a draw for the 1st round while the away team won in the 2nd round.
  • AH / Away Home: The first victory by the visitors in round 1 and avenged in round 2 as the host became the winner.
  • AD / Away Draw : A win for the away team in round 1 while a draw was made in round 2.
  • AA / Away Away : The points of victory for the visiting team in the first and second rounds.

Calculation of Winning From HT/FT Market

In a football match between Aldosivi Mar Del Plata against Union De Santa Fe and host club aldosivi because it is at the top of the screen compared to Union.

Guide to playing Depobos the first half time full time on HA by placing a bet of 100,000, if the first half was won by the host with a score of 2-0 and the second half became 2-3 for the opposing team so that the winning fee was 100,000 x 30 = 3,000. 000.

DD along with a bet of 100,000, if the 1st round results in a score of 0-0 and the second half becomes 1-1, you get paid 100,000 x 3.75 = 375,000.

AA with a bet amount of 100,000, if the match results in 0-2 in the first half and the second half is still 0-2, the winnings are 100,000 x 4.10 = 410,000 along with the initial capital.

Hopefully that’s the explanation that we can give you, hopefully this article is easy to understand quickly.

A few explanations regarding the guide to playing Depobos half time full time at soccer gambling agents for beginners, we hope this article can help every bettor in playing this type of soccer bet without experiencing the slightest obstacle.

So what are you waiting for, immediately play to get the victory you want, if you don’t have a game account you can get it through customer service on the live chat menu to help every process and the problems of the players in a friendly and fast 24 hours. We would like to express our gratitude.



How to Play the Easiest Total Goal of Sbobet Online Soccer Gambling

How to play total goals or TG is one of the simple and easy bets to make in the Sbobet sportsbook game, where the total goal bet is according to the meaning of the word, namely estimating the number of goals that occur during a match and counting the number of goals from both teams.

This means that the player does not predict the score 2 – 0, 0 – 2 or so, here the difference with the Correct Score bet type is that the total goal predicts the total goals in the match, while the Correct Score itself predicts how many scores will occur in the match.

Although this bet is quite simple, the total goal bet alone can provide a very large prize.

You could say 20x the bet capital you get. Of course, this way of playing judi bola total soccer gambling goals is an interest for players to win big. Agen Bola Sbobet Terpercaya

When compared to mixed parlay gambling, the prizes are almost the same, but if you play mix parlay, it is certainly difficult to win because guessing several teams is made into one package while the total goal bet itself only guesses one team.

If you want to do total goal gambling easily, I as a Sbobet Fortunebet99 agent provide bets such as through online media.

So it won’t be complicated to place a bet, you can play easily via a computer or smartphone based on Android or IOS.

An explanation of how to play Total Goal for beginners

How to play the total goal of soccer gambling itself, you can install only in the first round with the acquisition of 1×45 minutes or a full 2×45 minute round which is Fortunebet99 played in 2 rounds. In soccer gambling like this there are various types of bets that you need to know.

Each of these types of bets has its own market, the bigger the odds you get, of course, the bigger the payout. No need to linger, I will explain in full about total goal soccer gambling, such as the explanation and example below:

1. Bet 0 – 1

A bet like this must end with a score of 0 – 0 or 1 – 0 of the two competing teams, for example, you bet 100 thousand at odds of 4.2. If the final score of the Bayern Munich match is 0-0, Bayern Leverkusen is a sign of winning. Winnings are 100,000 x 4.2 = 420,000 including capital.

It could also be if the final score of Persija 0-0 Persipura, still win. Because the result is a 0 – 1 bet which means between 0 to 1.

2. Bet 2 – 3

The bet the final result must score between 2 to 3, when you bet 200K at odds 5.2. If the final score of Real Madrid is 1 – 2 Barcelona, ​​you win. Winning is 200,000 x 5.2 = 1,040,000 including capital.

If the score result from the match ends with 1 – 1 means totaling 2. That means you also get a win.

3. Bet 4 – 6

It is a bet that the two competing teams must get a total goal between 4 to 6, of course, the acquisition of soccer gambling like this gets a very large prize. I will give some examples of how to play a trusted soccer betting total goal:

Install IDR 100,000 (7.2)#

If the final result of Atlanta 2 – 2 Inter Milan, then win. Winnings are 7.2 x 100,000 = 720,000 already with initial funds.

Install IDR 200,000 (10.2)

If the final result of Brossia Dortmund is 1 – 5 Manchester City, of course they will win. Prizes are 10.2 x 200,000 = 2,040,000 including initial funds.

Install IDR 300,000 (5.2)

Suppose that both teams ended up AC Milan 3 – 2 AS Roma, of course winning. The prize is 5.2 x 300,000 = 1,560,000 including capital.

4. Bet 7 And Over

At a bet like this it must exceed 7 goals, for this bet it is difficult to guess until you win. But if we succeed in guessing, we can call it a jackpot. As follows bet 7 over:

Bet IDR 10,000 (13.2)

If the end of the match between Manchester United 3 – 4 Manchester City, the selection wins. The prize is 10,000 x 13.2 = 132,000 including the initial capital.
Bet IDR 20,000 (17.2)

If the end of the match between Liverpool 5 – 3 Arsenal, of course win. The win gets 20,000 x 17.2 = 344,000 you get.

That’s how to play Fortunebet99 total goals for beginners, easy and simple, right? Surely everyone wants to win big in every bet. Here we have the solution by reading the winning tips that we will provide.



Guide to Deposito Soccer Betting Tips

Discussions about the Guide to Betting Tips on Fortunebet99 Football Gambling Online football betting is much in the interest of many online bettors in Indonesia. With the development of online soccer betting, many new players still don’t understand how to count in this game. Following below, we will immediately discuss some guidelines for betting on Fortunebet99 Online soccer betting which of course you must understand well first so that you can play the game you want to play well. Bandar Casino Terpercaya

Not only Handicap and Over/Under bets that have been popular, some players also play ball bets such as Odd/Even, 1 × 2, Double Chance, HT/FT and the one that is very popular with players is Correct Score. This article will review the steps of playing agen judi bola terpercaya and understanding the bets that are on Trusted Football Sites.

For the Super combo menu, this is the same as the mix parlay, but in this place there are more choices because you can place ball and basketball/baseball parlays. Following below, we will immediately discuss some tips on betting tips for online Fortunebet99 soccer betting:


The meaning of Odd/Even is Even and Odd. When applied in football betting, so the player guesses the number of goals of the 2nd team whether the number is Even or Odd. The game is so simple, Kei Calculation is the same as Handicap.


A 1 × 2 game is to guess the end result of the match what ends with the Hosts winning, drawing, or the guest team winning and no fur-furan.

  • 1 = Host (home) -> means we choose the host to win
  • x = Draw -> means we choose the match ends in a draw
  • 2 = Away (away) -> means we choose the away team to win.

Example: If you want to choose Switzerland to win, then you just click on odds 2.46 (below number 1). The result of the score of the match is 2-0, so your bet is declared a winner, and the calculation is like this: (2.46 – 1) x 100 thousand = 146 thousand plus a capital of 100 thousand.

Correct Skor

The purpose of betting Correct Score (Terka Score) is to guess the final result of a match.

1. Select 1: 0 means Score must be 1: 0
2. Select 2: 5 means Score must be 2: 5 (Host 2 as well as Guest 5)

Overall Goal

Overall Goal, from just a few words we already know the meaning of this bet, which is to predict the number of goals that will occur in a match, what counts is the total goals from either team A or team B who are currently competing. So instead of predicting the score 1 – 0, 2 – 0 or 2 – 1 and so on.

That’s the difference with Correct Score, when the total goal predicts how many total goals that take place in a match, so in Correct Score is to predict how many scores that take place in a match.


The meaning of the HT/FT bet is to guess the result of the first set of matches & combine it with the Fulltime result, so that it is called HT/FT (half time/full time).

Here is an example of HT/FT odds in the premiere party of the World Cup in Brazil.

1. H = Home = Home Team wins
2. D = Draw = Draw result
3. A = Away = Away team wins

If you place HH, it means that the first set is won by Switzerland (regardless of the score) & when the match is over, Switzerland is still winning (regardless of the score).

1. The results of the HH match sample, the first set was 1-0, the score was still 1-0.
2. The results of the HD match sample, the first set score 1-0, the match ended with the score 1-1.
3. The results of the HA match sample, the first set was 1-0, the match was finished with a score of 1-2.

DH = Draw, Home
DD = Draw, Draw
DA = Draw, Away
AH = Away, Home
AD = Away, Draw
AA = Away, Away

For the calculation of the win, it is the same as 1×2 & Double Chance, all odds are reduced by 1 first and then multiplied by the bet amount.
Example HH, odd 3.70, if your guess is correct, the calculation is as follows:
(3.70 – 1) x total bet (
100 thousand ) 2.70 x 100 = 270 thousand.

First Goal / Last Goal

This time we will discuss about the first goal and last goal,
we take the example of the match, AS Roma VS Juventus, with AS Roma: Team Home while Juventus: Away (the opposing team).

First Goal / Last Goal is a bet on which team will get the first goal (first goal) and the last goal (last goal).

If the first goal is an own goal, then it does not include the count and the goal is counted after the own goal.

If the last goal is an own goal, then that also doesn’t count and what counts as the last goal is the goal before the own goal.


OUTRIGHT/SPECIALS are bets/select bets on league champions, world cup champions, top scores, and so on.

Calculation Step: If your bet / bet wins and you make a bet / bet of 100, then the number of wins you get is = (100 x Odds Value) – 100. If your bet / bet loses, then the loss value is the same as the bet value / the bet you are working on. So the calculation formula if you win is: (Amount of Bet x Value of Odds) – Amount of Bet



Guide to Playing Online Soccer Gambling Games for Beginners

One of the betting games or online gambling that is famous for bringing big profits is soccer gambling. This game is a betting game that requires each Fortunebet99 player to guess the ball match correctly. Each player is given a lot of choices about the type of game that determines what to guess from the ball game. Of course, by playing this online soccer betting game, interest or liking for soccer, especially those who like to guess the match, will be channeled well and generate large profits. These various advantages cause the game to always be filled and attract many beginner bettors to play in it. Well, so that beginners in this online soccer betting game can quickly get success and big profits, Bandar Judi Casino

Types of Ball Gambling Games For Beginners

You need to know in advance that in this online soccer betting game there are many choices of types of games. Everything varies, from the easy to guess to the not. Of course, for beginners, it will be recommended to start playing agen judi bola this online soccer betting game with types of games that are easy to guess first. The various types of games are as follows:

Over under

One of the easiest types of games in online soccer betting to play Fortunebet99 is over/under. Therefore, this type of game is suitable for beginners because the system is easy to understand and guaranteed to give a big chance of winning. In this over/under, online soccer betting game players are required to guess the score created in the match. In this guess, the game site will first determine the benchmark number in the match and bettors just guess whether the score is over (over) or less than the benchmark number (under).


Next, there are odds/evens which are also types of online soccer gambling games that are also suitable for beginners. Odd means odd while even means even. As the name implies, of course in this type of game you are required to guess the score created in the match will be in the even or odd category. Of course, making these guesses is very easy and fun for bettors.


One more recommendation for the most suitable type of game for beginners is 1×2. Briefly, in this type of game, all you have to do is guess whether the home team wins, the away team or even the match will end in a draw. So there are three betting options that bettors must understand in 1×2 online soccer betting games, namely home, away and draw.

Tips for Playing Football Betting For Beginners

The next thing to know from this guide to playing Fortunebet99 online soccer gambling games are tips on playing the game. The first tip is that bettors must join a gambling forum. The goal is to find out a lot of information and increase knowledge about the game. Furthermore, you must also take advantage of the existence of a powerful match prediction site to help guess correctly a particular match. No less important for beginner bettors to do in playing in this online soccer betting game is to choose the right match. The way to choose the right match is to choose according to your wishes and strategy or information obtained.



How to Play HT FT Easy Football Betting Get Profit

We have prepared this article specifically about how to play HT FT soccer betting, easy to profit and easy for all players to understand, sometimes some players already know but still feel confused when betting to get a big win.

HT FT gambling is one of the most popular football betting circles in the world, including in Indonesia, with guides that are easy to understand and understand and have a very large win rate to be a plus for this type of soccer bet.

With the development of increasingly sophisticated technological times, players can play online soccer gambling and are more practical than ever. So there is no need to go abroad and play in the gambling arena, it will waste so much capital and become a loss. Bandar Casino Terbaik

The presence of the Sbobet agent will also help all players want to play judi bola sbobet online gambling, all games also use real money so any winnings will be paid accordingly without the slightest drawback.

The online soccer gambling can be accessed by all Nexiabet players with a personal computer or smartphone based on Android and IOS, of course it will make it very easy for bettors to play wherever and whenever they want. Of course, this makes you all feel at home playing and very comfortable.

Immediately, we go into the main discussion about how to play Nexiabet HT FT in order to get big profits, we hope bettors can understand and apply it to every online soccer gambling game in the future.

Explanation of How to Play HT FT Easiest

In the explanation of how to play HT FT, it is very easy and does not require special skills, because as an initial benchmark, it is paired with the results of HT (first half) and FT (full round) of an online soccer match.

Of course, the first step to play it, the player must already have an online gambling account first, then choose the sportsbook column that is available and choose the type of HT FT game to start betting.

After that, you can place the type of bet you want, then don’t forget to enter the amount of capital as a benchmark for the amount of the prize you will receive. After clicking the bet button as the final step to place a bet.

It’s very easy to learn how to play HT FT, we explained above as follows, in this discussion we will provide all types of bets along with full explanations so that players don’t feel confused anymore.

A Number of Bets Can Be Paired Playing Football Gambling

  • HH (Home, Home)
    This option is to pair the home team to win the match from the first half and the full innings.
  • HD (Home, Draw)
    Means to pair the first half won by the host then the second half ends in a draw.
  • HA (Home, Away)
    Pairing the type of HA, namely for the first half the home team wins and the second half the away team wins.
  • DD (Draw, Draw)
    The start and end matches must end in a draw or a balanced score.
  • DH (Draw, Home)
    How to play Nexiabet HT FT DH is to pair the first round of the series and the final round the home team wins.
  • DA (Draw, Away)
    Here you bet on the first half of the draw and the final round the guest wins.
  • AA (Away, Away)
    Bets for the away team to win in both halves.
  • AD (Away, Draw)
    The first round selection of the guest wins and the full round ends in a draw.
  • AH (Away, Home)
    Means the home team wins the first half and the home team wins the full half.

So much clear information that we convey about how to play HT FT soccer betting is easy to get a profit, hopefully we can provide a good explanation of online soccer gambling so that players can make a profit. Thank you.


Guide to Playing Blend Parlay Betting For Beginners

Have you ever heard of the word Mix Parlay? I’m sure you are reading the Indonesian article, of course you know what a mix parlay is. Mix parlay is one of the forms of betting in online soccer gambling. This type of gambling is known as divvt Philippines under the name of double gambling or multiple betting packages. In betting related to the judi bola online player can make all pairs of combinations, namely betting in several matches at once when compared to a minimum bet of 3 match teams. You can look for soccer markets in the form of HDP, O/U, Correct Rating, O/E and different types of gambling. Bandar Casino Terbesar

In the bet blend parlay you can start from a thin bet in 10 competitions, although with a small bet if you win you can receive a fairly large win. Why so? Yall niggas, ’cause multiplication bets here. using the multiplication of the odds of each match in the available. However, to play Fastbet99 parlay is not easy because for 10 matches that you install if one of them misses the Member has been declared defeated. With these important terms for online soccer betting.

Important Terms In Lisonjero Online Gambling

1 . FT (Full Time)

LEGS is an abbreviation of Fulltime, where this name is used to indicate a full 90 hour football match.

2. HT (Half Time)

HT is an abbreviation for Half Period, where this name indicates the duration of a half -time football match, or the first half is forty five minutes.

3. O/U (Over/Under)

OU is an abbreviation for Over/Under, which is now a bet type that indicates the number of goals that occurred in a fight. In general, OU odds are presented, for example, 2.5 means 2 1/2 goals. You just simply place a bet for Over/Under.

4. HDP (Handicap)

HDP stands for Handicap, where this is a type of bet that requires you to choose one of 2 teams in a match. You can choose the top team (Home) or choose the bottom team (Away)

5. 1 X a couple of

1×2 stands for Home, Draw then Away. This is a form of gambling that requires you to select one of three or more betting options (Home, Pull, Away). How to play Fastbet99 is quite easy, you just choose to put in the battle gambling which you are sure to win or draw (Draw).

6. O/E (Odd/Even)

Odd/Even is an abbreviation of Even/Odd, this bet requires you to choose the end result of the battle, the number of claire’s two goals is odd or even. The calculation of the odds is the same as the Handicap.


Tutorial on Calculating Mix Parlay If You Win Full

The trick to calculating the mix parlay is very easy, you only need to put all the odds prices with the bet value: Odds: 1. seventy-five A 1 . 74 X 1. 69 = 5. 146 then subtract -1 equals 4. 146 Times one hundred and fifty (betting value) = 621. 91.

How to Calculate Combine Parlay If one particular Party Series (Draw

If the mix parlay bet that you place includes one particular draw party, then the possibilities for the Australia versus Northern Ireland match don’t need to be counted either. Just calculate the probability of winning and then at a bit of -1 multiplied by the nominal Starbet99 bet.

The way to display daftar judi bola this winning chance is: Prospects 1. 78 by one 71 = 3. 0438 then subtract -1 = 2. 0438 x 50 (bet value) equals 102. 19. Bandar Sbobet Casino

Guide to Calculating Mix Parlay If There is a Half Losing Team (Lose 1/2)

How to Calculate Mix Parlay If Harry Wins Half (Win 1/2)

How to calculate the mix parlay in the 5 competitions above, if there is only one claire who loses half, then keep on calculating the results for the success that is generated. However, for the losing team, the Odds value will not be included.

The way to calculate the mix parlay winning Possibilities now is: Odds (2. twelve x 2. 30 x 2.31 a second . 09 = 25. 517): 2 = 14. 258 then subtract -1 = 10. 258 back button 25 ( bet value) = 256. 47.

Parlay Mix Calculating Techniques When a Team Wins Half (Win 1/2)

How to display a mix parlay if Harry wins half (Win 1/2)

How to calculate the combine parlay if there is a team that wins half, so for the team that wins there, it is calculated first for the Odds value given by the divvt at the beginning of the competition.

The way to calculate the Odds for the success of this mix parlay is: Odds one 67 a 1. 92 xa single. 47 = 4.787 then subtract -1 = 3.787 x 30 (bet value) = 109. 82.

How to Calculate a Parlay Mix If Claire Wins Half (Win 1/2), 1 Bernard Draw (Draw) and first Team Loses Half (Lose 1/2)

Mix Parlay Calculating Technique(1)

If out of the 6 teams that you have installed and one team wins half (win 1/2), one team draws (Draw), then 1 claire loses half (Lose 1/2), Starbet99 then the calculation method must start with the team in winning half (Win 1/2) in Hungary compared to Slovakia (1. 63 -1 = 0. 63: 3 = 0.315 + 1 = 1. 315.

This Ceme Online parlay is: Odds 1. 65 back button 1. 66 x one 59 times 1. 315 = 5. 726): a couple of (because the form of 1 ricky who loses half (Lose 1/2) is equal to 2.863 minus -1 = one 863 populace 25 (bet value) = 46.59.

Very smooth, isn’t it for playing a mix parlay online gambling bet?. What are you waiting for, register yourself right now on the Lisonjero gambling site to start betting on your favorite team’s Gazapo. That’s the complete way to play and understand parlay bets that we can give you all. I hope my article is useful for those of you who are new to playing mix parlay bets and good luck.