The Easiest Strategy to Win Online Sicbo Gambling

Getting income from playing sicbo online gambling is actually easy. This is especially true if you already have a strategy that has been studied on the internet as well as from professional players. Wins has many articles discussing this. But it is not necessarily possible to make the person who uses it win immediately, because the strategy they get is too heavy to understand.

So, for this reason, on this occasion the admin wants to explain the easiest strategy to win sicbo online gambling. cara daftar casino online And to discuss this, the admin will first start with an explanation of the rules and types of bets in this Sicbo game itself. Please refer to the core review below. deposit slot pakai pulsa telkomsel

Know the Rules and Types of Sicbo Online Gambling Bets

Sicbo online gambling uses dice game media. There are two choices, namely you can play using two dice and also can use three dice. For new players, we recommend playing using the two dice option first because it is definitely easier. This is because in making bets all players need to do is guess the combination of the dice values ​​from the total value on the top edge of the dice after the dealer shuffles them.

In the process of making this bet, there are a number of types that you can choose according to your ability to guess the combination of the dice. And this is an explanation of the types of bets in the sicbo game as follows. Of course, the type of dice bet is to guess the result of the total value of the dice that comes out, whether playing with two or three dice.


Then the next bet types are small, big and even and odd. If you play in this way, players only need to guess the total combination of the values ​​of the dice, including the small or large dice category and the odd or even category based on Mathematical algebraic calculations.

So, those in the small dice category start with a value of 4 to 10. While those in the large category start from 11 to 17 for the three dice sicbo game. Meanwhile, if the total score is three and eighteen it will be considered as the dealer’s win. On the other hand, what is included in the odd category is if the total value is from 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17.While for the even category the values ​​are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 , 16, 18.

The next bet type is twins or logs. This type is divided into several types. The first is twins. You will win with a 1: 8 prize if two of the three dices are twins. Then next are triplets if all three dice have the same value. The prize is 1: 150.

In addition, players are also allowed to guess only two dice numbers or even one dice number even though playing with three dice. With many betting options, this certainly makes the chances of winning even greater.

These are the tricks and tips to win Sicbo online gambling

After knowing the rules and types of bets, here we will provide assistance in the form of the most powerful tricks and tips to make you easily win. Immediately, you see the explanation below:


The first is to study the result data on dice before starting to play. You must know which number combinations appear frequently. You can then re-install the number because usually in this game the numbers that have been dialed will continue to come out.

The second is to choose the type of small bet big or even odd because both are the easiest bet types to give a win in this game. On the other hand, you should avoid twin bets because they rarely appear. Especially for triplets. Thus a review of the strategy for playing online sicbo gambling.