Poker Information – Bandar Poker is a type of online card game developed from the Zynga Texas Hold’em Poker game. In addition to having a similar name, it turns out that How to Play Bandar Poker is also very similar to How to Play Poker139. Instead of being curious, just look at the complete information below. Daftar Situs Judi Bola Online

Even though they have similarities in how to play texas poker online uang asli, it turns out that there are striking differences that you need to know. Here is some important information that you should know to learn How to Play Bandar Poker, namely:

  • Get acquainted With City Poker
  • Game City Poker
  • Jackpot Game City Poker

Get acquainted With the Game City of Poker

There is a saying, “I don’t know, so I don’t care.” The only short way to learn How to Play City Poker is by getting acquainted with this game. There are some important things about Poker City Games that you should know, namely:

City Poker Game System

Bandar Poker is a card game that can be played by a maximum of 8 people and a minimum of 2 people. In this game, there will be 1 player who plays the role of the City and the rest play as the Player.

The main objectives of the Bandar Poker Game are divided based on the role you take, namely:

If you play as a dealer, you are required to have a Poker Card Order higher than all players.
If you play as a Player, you are required to have a higher Card Combination Order than the Bandar’s.

Important: Player’s bet money will be refunded if the order of the combination of cards owned is the same as the dealer.

The game of Bandar Poker is very popular with many people, because every player has the opportunity to become a Bandar. The requirements to become a City are also not difficult, you just need to bring Chips according to the value that applies to a table.

Examples of Requirements to Become a City

Explanation of the requirements to become a City according to the Picture above:

Players who want to become a
dealer must prepare a capital of IDR 1,750,000.00 Players who want to become a dealer must prepare a capital of IDR 700,000.00
Players who want to become a dealer must prepare a capital of IDR 350,000.00

Cards On Poker City Game

In addition to having the opportunity to become a dealer, it turns out that this game does not use all the existing playing cards. The Bandar Poker game only uses playing cards, namely: 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.

Departing recently with a Poker game that used an entire deck of 52 Remi Cards, the City Poker game only used 32 Remi Cards. So this game will feel more exciting and exciting.

Levels Game City of Poker

Apart from Fun, Bandar Poker is also a very simple game. The simple meaning of this word is that the game of Poker City is very easy to play. There are 3 levels of the game that you must know, namely:

#1 City Selection Level

At this stage, the game system will automatically select a player who meets the criteria to become a dealer. Only by bringing some money in accordance with the provisions of the game table, each player can try to play as a dealer.

If there is more than one player who meets the requirements to become a City, then the Chance To Become a City will rotate in a clockwise direction.

What happens if there are no players who meet the requirements to become a dealer?

If none of the players meet the requirements to become a dealer, the game will not start. The system will continue to search until there are players who meet the requirements to become a dealer.

#2 Bet Placement Level

After a player is selected to become a dealer, then we will enter the betting stage. Each player is given 7 seconds to place their bets. Each player will be considered to have passed the game round, if after the time runs out they still have not placed a bet.

The amount of bets that can be placed varies, according to the value listed on the game table where you play. After all bets are placed, each player and dealer will get 2 cards.

#3 Card Competition Stage

After the cards are dealt, each Poker139 player is given 20 seconds to open the cards they get. On this occasion the excitement of the Bandar Poker game took place. We can peek at the cards that are obtained by picking the cards.

All cards will be opened automatically after 20 seconds, then there will be a card competition stage where each player will compare the value of his card with the dealer’s.

Progressive Jackpot Game City of Poker

One thing that adds to the excitement of playing Poker139 Bandar Poker is the Progressive Jackpot! Every player has the opportunity to get the jackpot while playing, just by buying a Jackpot ticket before the game round takes place.

Here are the Criteria of the Jackpot Card Game City of Poker

  • Royal Flush if you get a Royal Flush Card then the jackpot you get is 80% of the game table jackpot jug.
  • Straight Flush if you get a Straight Flush Card then the jackpot you get is 30% of the game table jackpot jug.
  • Four of a Kind if you get a Four of a Kind Card then the jackpot you get is 10% of the game table jackpot jug.


Poker Information – 7 Powerful Tricks To Win Playing AduQ Online, AduQ Online Game is a card game that can be said to be the same as the BandarQ domino card game. The difference between the two games is that in the AduQ domino card game, there is no dealer in the game. All players will also play and compete with cards with the highest value with each other. If you get the top card and the number of logs is two, then you are the winner in that game. Bandar Judi Bola Terpercaya

In the game AduQ can be Poker139 played by 2 to 8 players in the game. Each player is given 2 dominoes and will be mixed. The one with the card with the highest value will also be the winner.

In the AduQ domino gambling game, situs online judi terpercaya players will also bet capital according to the limit on the game table. Then a new card will be given and then will be given time to choose the card that is obtained. After doing memirit, players will also be invited to open cards by rotating clockwise.

At this time we will also provide a winning trick that is quite powerful when you play in the AduQ Online game. These are some of the tricks to win playing Poker139, one of which is:

  1. Bring the necessary capital and do not bring a very large capital in this game. Here you just assume that you just want entertainment or fun while playing in the game. Don’t let you be very serious, especially as your profession during everyday life.
  2. Try to play through the way of enjoy and try to avoid this game when the situation is once again not good and do not force yourself to always play. If you do not want to experience a big defeat and you do not want to.
  3. If you experience continuous defeats, try to play by changing the game table or you can also rest and can play again if you really believe in playing again in the game.
  4. According to some experts or professionals, generally a chaotic rotation that has a clockwise direction from 8 seats, the more fortunate if you sit in 7th place because that’s where the rotation of the cards that are opened will also be the last.
  5. If you feel the things that I think you need to do is switch to another table and don’t focus too much on one table because the tables provided are of course too many.
  6. So players who play in a safe way can help you. Playing safe Poker139 means you only play the cards that you are optimistic of winning in that round of play Poker139. You also play by choosing to win only if you get good cards.
  7. When playing You also get players to play safely only, the step to overcome it is that here you must be brave, sometimes follow the flow of the opponent’s game or sometimes follow even if the cards you get are less convincing. This is a powerful step so that the opponent can not read the special features of the steps played in the game.

If you already know the tricks we give above so you can do it right away. Once you have mastered so You can also conquer your opponents easily. For those of you who do not yet have an account can register yourself immediately



Poker Information – The online Qiu Qiu game may be one of the most widely played games by bettors. Because the game is very easy to play Poker139 and there is also a way to see the Domino Qiu Qiu opponent’s card. Daftar Situs Bola Terpercaya

How to See Domino Qiu Qiu’s Opponent Card

In trusted online gambling agent sites, of course, they provide very complete games. Maybe in online gambling games, online qiu qiu games also have quite a lot of enthusiasts and fans. Because in the online qiu qiu game there is a way to see the agen qq online terpercaya opponent’s card. In the past, before technology was as sophisticated as it is today, when bettors wanted to gamble, they would definitely place bets with land bookies. However, this method is very risky, considering that Indonesia is one of the countries that strictly prohibits gambling. Therefore, many bettors, especially Indonesia, have switched to online gambling systems. Because online gambling is considered more effective and safer than betting directly with land bookies.

Bettors can adjust the place to access and place bets on the online gambling site. The capital needed to be able to make online gambling bets is also very minimal. Only with a capital of 10 thousand bettors can already make online gambling bets. Not to mention the bonuses given by trusted online gambling agents, of course, also really help bettors to be able to make bets. Only with minimal capital, bettors can also get the opportunity to get the jackpot in online gambling games. The services provided by trusted online gambling agents are also of course very good, the deposit or withdrawal transaction process can be done 1 x 24 hours.

How to See Domino Qiu Qiu’s Opponent Card

In online gambling, there are many games provided by trusted online gambling agents, of course. In every game, of course, there are rules and regulations. So before making a bet, you should first pay attention to the rules that exist in each game you want to play Poker139. Because when you already know the rules in every game. Then the possibility of your victory will also increase, because you will not be careless in making every bet. If you want to win the jackpot, you also need to install the jackpot on every game you play. If you only have minimal capital, then install the jackpot with the least amount as well. The amount you get when you install the jackpot is very large.

There are no special tricks and tips to get the jackpot. It all depends on your luck. If you are still hesitant to make a real bet, just try to play on the application that is provided for free. You can install it via the appstore or playstore Poker139 on your smartphone. The application that is provided for free also functions for you to be able to practice before making a real bet. You can also create your own special tricks for the game you want to play and just try to apply these special tricks to real betting games. If you do not have an account to place an online gambling bet, please register yourself on the most popular online poker site. We also provide attractive bonuses for our members.



Poker Information – There are various kinds of bonuses that can be given to all gambling players involved to become official players. Some of the bonuses that can be given include the following:

1. Daily Bonus.

The existence of this daily bonus Poker139 will certainly provide a lot of interest during the game, especially when the players are able to play various games within a period of time every day. There are many abundant bonuses that can be obtained when judi qq online terpercaya players are able to play and win games every day and in every bet that has been provided. Both large and small bets are equally able to provide many advantages when done every day.

2. Weekly Bonus.

The second bonus that can be obtained is the weekly bonus. Actually, the application of this weekly bonus is almost the same as the previous daily bonus. However, this weekly bonus will only be given to each player on a weekly basis. For the day of giving the bonus that will be given by each player, of course, it depends on the agent used. Some give it once a week, 2 times a week, and various other policies. Bandar Sbobet Terpercaya

3. Conditional Bonus.

The next bonus that can be obtained is a conditional bonus. For this conditional bonus, of course, it can only be obtained by the players by using certain conditions. This additional bonus is what makes so many sites that appear interesting to play Poker139. The provision of conditional bonuses to all gambling players is a bonus so that each player can be consistent and feel at home playing. So, they will do everything possible to get their bonuses easily.

4. New Member Bonus.

Lucky for those of you who are new gamblers or novice gamblers. They can get a bonus in the form of a deposit bonus. In addition to deposit bonuses, they will also get cash back bonuses easily, especially for new gambling players who register with a number of online gambling agents. Earnings bonuses that will usually be received by each player can reach 5 to 10%.

5. Major Bonuses.

The main bonus is usually a jackpot bonus. This jackpot bonus can be obtained in a fairly large amount. It’s just that the jackpot that will be received by every gambling player will certainly be much different according to the agent we use. The main bonus is usually a lottery bonus that is given free of charge by gambling agents to each player.

Actually, in addition to the availability of the bonuses above, you are guaranteed to get a bonus with maximum internet access services in playing Poker139. The availability of the internet while running this game is also one of the advantages of playing online gambling. The existence of convenience in the payment section is also considered as an advantage of the game that will be obtained by gambling players in it.



Poker Information – Currently, you can easily find online betting sites through search on search engines, through forums, through social media, and so on. But is the site that you find really secure? Not necessarily. Agen Bola Sbobet Terpercaya

Indeed, the easiest way to get a Poker139 agent is that way. But did you know that fraudulent agents also carry out the same promotional program. They always appear on social media, in forums, or in search results. People who are still laymen certainly can’t realize which is a scam agent and which is a really trusted qq online terbaru agent.

For that, never carelessly choose an agent. As a good bettor, you must be observant. Because if you choose the wrong one, you will not get a profit but a very deep loss.

Some steps you need to consider in finding a poker agent are as follows:

Pay attention to the amount of bonuses offered

Each poker agent does provide different bonuses. But usually the difference is not too far adrift between one agent and another. So if you find a poker agent who dares to offer a big bonus and seems unnatural, you should be wary. This is where ordinary people tend to make mistakes. They are always tempted by bonuses and bonuses. Unaware of the dangers of the fraudulent agent. Actually, the bonus given by the agent has already been calculated. It can’t be random. So you must always be vigilant if there are agents who give too big a bonus.

Number of members

The second thing you need to pay attention to is the number of members. Usually, trusted poker agents already have a large number of members or members. So the bigger the members they have, the more profitable it is for you.


Not all agents have a license. But this can be your reference to get a trusted online betting site. But what you need to know is that fraudulent agents can also easily install fake licenses. While trusted online betting sites do not have a license. It does look a bit confusing. But over time you will easily distinguish which agents are scams and which ones are profitable for you.

Those are some ways to find the most profitable poker agents. You can practice these steps right now and play Poker139 seriously so that you can make multiple profits from this very fun online poker game.

Register your account here REGISTER ACCOUNT to play various card betting games with only one user ID.



Poker Information – Actually there are lots of unique facts or things related to the online domino poker game. On this occasion, we will discuss some unique facts about the domino poker site provided by every agent or game promoter in Indonesia. Knowing interesting facts about the games on this site is very important for players. Especially with those who are interested in the world of the online gambling agent business itself. Situs Casino Terpercaya

Are you interested and curious about unique information related to online domino poker site agents? Every gambling player Poker139 must be interested in it because it can increase their insight and knowledge. Therefore, consider some of the interesting facts below. There are many poker site agents in Indonesia, but only a few have proven quality and are trusted sites. The rest are still of questionable quality and or have even been proven fraudulent. Here you have to be careful in choosing an agent so that there is no loss by fraud from the agent’s site.

Only agent sites with a high level of trust can attract many members. Every day there will always be members who join in it. In addition, the low deposit transaction value along with the simple withdrawal conditions are another consideration for potential poker banyak bonus players. The diversity of types of domino poker games is increasing day by day due to innovations and updates made by site developers. Until now, poker members who have joined the site for a long time are still actively playing even though they are no longer young and still benefit.

Every domino poker agent site in Indonesia can use the same internet server. So maybe you will find a number of similarities in a number of agents. This is not a problem because there are indeed a number of servers that are trusted and widely used by agents. As long as there are no problems in the game, you can choose for yourself which website you feel is better and more worthy to follow and of course it will provide benefits.

Being a poker gambling game Poker139 player on an agent site should be more open with some of the latest information and information that has never been found. Based on the facts presented above, you as a player must realize that this game is a unique game and has a certain level of difficulty. Therefore, be a smart and reliable player in choosing the right domino poker site to become a winner and make a profit. Hopefully the above review is useful for you, all of you, thank you and happy playing.



Poker Information – Domino poker gambling is a game that uses cards as the playing Poker139 medium. This game is generally found on online domino poker sites in Indonesia. Those of you who often play may have experienced being stuck in the game because of doubling the bet. The purpose of this trick is actually very clear, namely wanting an instant victory by making the opponent afraid not to continue the next round. But is it actually effective? Maybe it’s powerful enough to make your opponent shrink. But with a note that the opponent’s card is a small handcard. Situs Casino Online Terbesar

Disadvantages of Double Betting Tricks

Usually, the trick of doubling bets that is well-known in the community is that players do in a gang. But this way is starting to be avoided. This trick will work if you are just lucky. But if you are not lucky, the money will slowly disappear in an instant. Many of the players who failed to use the trick but not a few who succeeded. Therefore, when playing kartu poker online this game, don’t just look at its success because this trick is actually nothing more than luck.

But actually there is something even more dangerous when using the double-fold trick, namely when you find an opponent who plays well and correctly. This game will make a Poker139 player never intend to double his bet if the existing handcard does not allow him to win. This can be compared to fishing in murky water. It is clear that anglers will be very careful throwing the hook in the pond. If you feel stuck with a method like this, what will happen is that your capital will run out soon and of course it will affect your psychological factors, namely emotions quickly rise and explode.

If you want to play safe and avoid repeated defeats, never do this trick because it can risk the player’s defeat. The first bad result of this is that the capital runs out quickly because you will do it with full emotion just to win. Then the emotion will grow fiercer when it turns out that what you are doing is a failure. If that’s the case, you may be looking for a capital loan to overcome your curiosity to win. Then the loan was made with the aim of digging a hole to cover the hole so that it resulted in being chased by debt.

If you don’t want to get that experience, keep playing on online domino poker sites with a strategy that is already effective. It is best to use such tricks only for the desired win. The key to winning in gambling is patience. The more patient you are, the greater the victory you will get. In fact, when you play at an online domino table, patience will produce a fun game because this game has a very fast pattern of play. Therefore, it takes powerful tricks and strategies to be able to win it. Don’t let your guard down so that your opponent is easy to lose.



Poker Information – How to Play Real Money Online Poker Without a Bank Account – Nowadays online poker sites can be easily accessed on the Internet. Even now you can also make fund transactions on these sites without having to have a bank account.

This is certainly very easy for many people, because many people want to play Poker139 online but do not have an account at a bank. Bandar Live Casino

If you are one of them, congratulations you found the right article. Because this time we will discuss how to play qiu qiu uang asli real money online poker without a bank account.

Keep in mind that having a bank will certainly make it very easy for you to carry out various transactions. So it would be better if you have a personal bank account for you to use.

How to Play Real Money Online Poker Without the Need to Use a Bank Account With OVO

The OVO application is certainly familiar to our ears. Generally, this application is most often encountered in malls, where if you use OVO as a means of payment, you will get cashback.

I’m sure at least 70% of you even have this application on your smartphone and use it often. Because OVO has indeed become one of the largest payment alternatives in Indonesia by cooperating with Tokopedia, Grab, etc.

Then the good news for us fans of online poker games is, we can use OVO to transact. Because by using OVO you can transfer to a bank account.

But keep in mind, if to make a bank transfer, you have to upgrade your OVO account to OVO Premier. With OVO premiere, the balance limit you can have will increase to 10 million.

If you are interested in upgrading to ovo premiere so you can play online poker without a bank account, the method is also quite easy. Because all you need to upgrade is an ID card and it can be done online or come to the OVO booth directly.

After your OVO account is upgraded to premiere, then you can play online poker without a bank account.

How to Register an Online Poker Account Using OVO

Once everything is ready, just go to the site where you want to play and register a new account for you to use. Register an account as usual, but for the bank, account number and name follow the instructions below:

Choose a BCA bank, then enter the account name according to the one registered on your OVO account. For the account number you must use is “39358 + mobile number”.

Keep in mind that the mobile number is the number registered to your ovomu account. Notice the example below :

Because the mobile number used is 082291437865, the account number becomes 39358 + 082291437865. After all the data has been filled in correctly, just click register.

Congratulations, you already have an online poker account registered using OVO. To deposit your funds, simply go to the transfer menu contained in the OVO application.

But before making a transfer via OVO, of course, you must first enter funds into your OVO account. To enter funds into an OVO account is also very easy because it can be done from Alfamart, hypermart, MAXX Coffee, Cinemaxx, OVO Booth and others.

You just have to go to one of these places and say that you want to top up your OVO account. Once filled, you can immediately deposit funds into your poker account.

It should also be remembered that the balance limit that can be accommodated on an OVO account is only 10 million. So if you want to make a large withdrawal then you have to do it repeatedly.

For example, to withdraw 30 million, you must first empty your OVO account. Then make a withdrawal form of 10 million, after the process is complete, you move the funds back until your OVO balance is empty.

Do this until you get WD 30 million because your OVO balance can only accommodate a maximum of 10 million.

Alternative Options Other Than OVO To Play Poker Online Without A Bank Account

That’s how to play Poker139 real money online poker without a bank account that you can try. Actually besides OVO there are also several other choices such as:

  • GoPay
  • Dana
  • Sakuku
  • Doku
  • Paypro
  • Payfazz

You can choose one of the alternative payments above if you don’t want to use OVO. If you already have one of the payment alternatives above but are still confused about where to play, please refer to our recommended bookie site.

That’s our discussion about how to play real money online poker without a bank account that you can try. If you are still confused or have questions, please leave a comment below. We will help answer your questions as soon as possible.



Poker Information – Poker games seem to have shifted their prestige in the world of online gambling. Because now domino games such as domino kiu kiu, bandar kiu to fight kiu are very popularly played by online gamblers. Indeed, in western countries the game of dominoes is less popular, but for Asian countries like Indonesia, the opposite is true. On online gambling sites, the domino Poker139 game is equivalent to or even more popularly played by bettors compared to poker. Situs Casino Terbaru

This may be because the game of poker is considered too difficult to master for some people. Some people think that poker is boring in contrast to the cumbersome gambling that is packaged easily and quickly. But actually all of these things return to each dewa qq poker player in choosing which game he prefers.

Collection of Bandar Kiu & Domino Kiu Kiu Gambling Sites Online Real Money

After reading the popularity of this game, you may be interested in playing this cuddly gambling right away. You need to know that cuddly gambling offers a much different and more fun sensation than playing poker. So it can be said that playing domino kiu kiu and dukiu is very suitable for new and old players.

That’s a site where you can play kiu kiu poker gambling, especially Bandar Kiu with the best real money in Indonesia. We have tested the various domino kiu kiu 99 sites ourselves before recommending them to our readers. So it can be ascertained that all of the online bookie kiu kiu sites above are trusted sites and which are certainly safe.

How to Choose a Trusted Online Kiu Kiu Site

But you also have to be careful if you want to play on a bookie gambling site. Because not all sites have the same good service as the sites we recommend above. In fact, not a few online gambling sites are fraudulent which of course will be very detrimental and damage the image of online gambling in Indonesia. To avoid all these bad things, we will provide tips on choosing a trusted domino quidky gambling site. The following are things that you must pay attention to when choosing a trusted kiukiu gambling site:

Link Alternatif Situs Kiu Kiu

The quality of a site can be seen from the first point, namely alternative links. Of course the trusted domino kiu kiu 99 gambling site will provide the best service for its members. By providing alternative links, it means that they also pay attention to the convenience of their members. Because with the alternative links, members on the Kiu Kiu poker site don’t have to be afraid of not being able to access the site.

Because alternative links have a function as a substitute for the main site if at any time the main site has problems. The problem that often occurs is usually a down or blocked server. Of course, with the replacement of the main site, members can still access and play online, even if the disturbance occurs.

Umur Dari Situs Kiu Kiu

This one point can’t lie. The real quality of a site will be seen from the age of the site. There are many tools that you can use to check the age of a site including the clumsy poker sites on the Internet. Make sure you get a site that is quite old or at least more than 1 year old. Because the majority of sites that have been serving online gambling for more than 1 year have good service and quality.

This second point is as important as alternative links, so make sure you always check the age of the online gambling site. Because online gambling is really busy lately so it is widely used by many irresponsible parties. Fraud in online gambling has been rife lately. This can happen due to members’ ignorance and being deceived by new sites that do not have a reputation.

Customer Service From the Kiu Kiu Site

Believe it or not, the entire quality of a Bandar Kiu site will be reflected in its customer service. As said above, a trusted domino kiu kiu site will certainly provide the best service to its members, including customer service. The cs service can be likened to the heart of a site, because cs is the only way for members to contact the site in question.

If the cs of a site has poor service, it seems as if the site doesn’t care about members. Because they don’t serve members well, even though it’s only through cs that all your problems can be quickly resolved. With problems that are quickly resolved and clarity of course makes you more comfortable playing qq online.

Layanan Bank Situs Kiu Kiu

We certainly know that there are many choices of banks available in Indonesia. Call it the most popular ones such as BCA, BNI, BRI, Mandiri, CIMB and others. Not to mention including regional banks, which can be ascertained that there are many choices of banks in Indonesia. To overcome this, the Kiu Kiu poker site must of course provide many banking services, and even accept all types of banks.

Because this also affects the comfort of the members themselves. Of course, it will be very unfortunate if a member wants to play but the bank he uses is not accepted on the site where he wants to play. Therefore, a site that accepts all types of banks, such as the online kiu kiu recommendation above, is a trusted site.

Kiu Kiu Site Fund Processing Speed

After paying attention to these four things, you must have put a little trust and hope in a site where you play. Because only by paying attention to this, your safety and comfort is guaranteed by 75%. Sites with fast funding processes certainly show that they are already experts and are professionals in their fields.

Playing on a site with professional and expert staff will certainly make you more comfortable. Because when you deposit, 1 to 2 minutes later your funds have entered your account, as well as the withdrawal process. Of course as a member you will feel more comfortable if your funds are processed quickly. With the speed of processing, you can immediately play Bandar Kiu on the Kiu Kiu online site.

After discussing recommended sites and ways to select sites it seems that something is still missing. It wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t share the secrets about how to win playing cuddly gambling. The method that we will share has certainly been proven by various bettors who have drastically increased their win rate. Intrigued by the trick to playing dominoes, cuddling and winning? Below we share the secret.

How to Win Playing Kiu Kiu Gambling

In this bookie game, there are indeed several ways that you can do to increase your winnings. It’s a good idea to apply some of the things below rather than playing just using hockey. By following the following guidelines, we guarantee that your winning percentage will definitely increase, but don’t expect you to keep winning. Here are tips & tricks for playing cuddly dominoes to keep winning:

Prepare Capital Carefully

This first point is very important if you want to play Poker139 online gambling. Don’t force playing if you don’t have capital, if you keep forcing it then you will lose yourself later. And most importantly, never play with money that doesn’t belong to you. Then if you have the capital to play then you have to be willing to lose it too. Because you play gambling, where you can win or lose. There is no spell of playing cuddle gambling that can make you win continuously. Therefore you must prepare yourself for the worst.

Also adjust the game table with the capital you have. It will be more difficult to win a game at the big table if you bring a small capital or a match. Your winning percentage will also be smaller when compared to players who have more capital than you. If you do have a little capital then play at a small table, or medium.

Play Relax

Even though you play casually, you have to stay focused on the game of Bandar Kiu or other online gambling. The purpose of playing casually is not to get provoked by emotions, remember that there are times when you win and lose. You won’t lose forever and you can’t win forever either. Do not involve emotions or passions in playing moreover this is a real money online cheat. If you look at the poker games of professional players, you will notice that they all have flat and expressionless faces.

Imagine if you play with emotions, of course when you lose you will desperately try to get your capital back. So you spend your money playing which only makes your losses worse. When you are emotional, you will not think well and this will lead to your poor playing. If you are already emotional in playing, then you should get out of the table and calm down for a moment before playing again.

Target Profit

This is very important but very rarely practiced by the players. For example you have a winning target of 5,000,000 then play until your target is reached and stop when it is reached. You have to know your limits and when it’s time to stop. As said earlier, if you can’t win forever, then quickly be satisfied with your victory.

It is often encountered by players who have won a lot in playing but in the end they have suffered big losses. This is because these players do not know when it is time to stop and are tempted to get big profits. Wouldn’t it be better to get a little profit than a big loss?

Fold it if it doesn’t support

If you look at the cards in the online game of cuddling, there are 28 different cards in 1 deck. This means that there are a huge number of possible combinations of clunky play. With so many combinations of 1 deck of dominoes, it’s a good idea to know your limits. There are times when you get a bad card combination, if that happens then don’t hesitate to fold.

Most bettors are currently very anti-fold, they often force to play even though their cards are not good. Even though folding at the beginning can prevent you from big losses at the end. Our advice is if your card is not good, just follow the game first if the bet has not been raised. However, if there are players who raise their bets high, then you should look for safety by folding.

Master the Bluff Technique

The main purpose of bluffing or bluffing is for the opponent to fold on cards that are better than us. If you can bluff well then you can win the game even if you get a card that is not good. But make no mistake, if you do it wrong, you can also lose big, because folding requires a fair amount of capital. Generally in the bookie game you can bluff by raising the bet high. Your opponent will think you have a good hand and decide to fold.

We also strongly discourage you from bluffing every time you get a good card. Because if you do it continuously, your bluff will be less effective and your opponent will know your tactics. Try to make a bluff at the right time.



Who doesn’t want to be given a monthly income of 3 million without having to work, which is difficult in general, people just have to play laptops, gadgets or whatever. Online-online is very familiar in the digital era like today. They only play online gambling, it is enough that it is stable in 1 month and can have an income. This is also what the beginners out there want to be like them. Playing gambling on online gambling sites is now more crowded on the internet and among the public. Bandar Casino Online

In the online gambling site itself is very exciting, there are many types of games that can be chosen to be judi kartu online uang asli played. From card gambling games, dingdong, or guessing numbers that you usually know about lottery. What is certain is that of the many types of online gambling games, all of them are very profitable and can be used as income fields. How to? You certainly have to become a member first on one of the online gambling sites that have been widely spread on the internet today.

What must be underlined for beginners is that they still have to be careful in choosing an online gambling site, don’t just hope to make a lot of money from playing Poker139 online gambling. Because why, nowadays there are a lot of news of those who have become victims of fraud by fraudulent fraudulent sites. So that the initial hope of becoming a member on an online gambling site is inversely proportional to losing so much.

3 Million Monthly Income From Online Gambling Sites

The question is how? Well, therefore my friends are all wherever you are. On this occasion, we will share with all of you a few tips that deserve to be followed. Being able to make money playing online is now nothing new. And this is an option for the children of the era that is so advanced as it is today. Playing gambling on one of the online gambling sites can be stable with a monthly income of approximately 3 million, which is certainly very tempting. However, this requires some special tricks, not just perfunctory, consider some of the following tips, friends.

First of all, you have to become a member, that’s for sure, but make sure the online gambling site you are going to join is really the best and most trusted site. And that this or this first tip is the key to all of this. Because don’t let the goal of seeking and reaping profits go the other way, with carelessness we make our losses multiply.

Then you have to prepare the capital and mentally, why is that? capital here is definitely like a sales person must have capital first. While the mentality is that you must have this winning or optimistic mentality which is very much needed in playing gambling on an online gambling site. Because if you are in doubt, it’s better not to start all of this than not giving maximum results.

After that, to have stable results per month of 3 million you must have a target every time you play in a day 24 hours. You also have to limit this later by not being greedy or ambitious when playing. This attitude can give you peace of mind when playing on these online gambling sites. Your daily target in playing online gambling must get 100 thousand, after that is achieved in a short or long time, immediately stop playing. This is meant to control your emotions and do it for 30 days. That way the income from gambling on online gambling sites of 3 million per month is achieved.

Hopefully what we have described above can be useful for all of you, my friends, online gambling lovers wherever they are. And hopefully related articles to reap the benefits of playing gambling on this online gambling site you can apply later.



Are you a fan of real money online poker gambling? Maybe right now you are looking for how to install the correct Android poker gambling APK to play online gambling. Because indeed the presence of the poker gambling APK makes it easier for players who want to play poker card gambling without having to enter the site. Poker gambling APK that can be installed on Android is more practical to use for playing situs ceme terpercaya online gambling because it is like playing regular Android games.

On the other hand, nowadays many people use smartphones to support their daily activities, including gambling. So you don’t need to carry a PC or laptop everywhere if you want to play poker gambling. Don’t you have to come to the internet cafe where of course online gambling games become less safe.

Actually, to install the Android poker gambling application is the same as installing applications in general. However, for more details in this discussion, we will discuss in detail how to download and install a special poker gambling APK for Android. Bandar Sbobet Casino

Download and Install Poker APK

Appearance After Downloading the PKV Apk

The first step you have to do is download and install a special Android poker gambling application first. Applications like this are available on the Google Play Store or through the internet. Make sure you use a trusted and quality application so that you can play Poker139 in a safe and comfortable way.

To find the best Android poker gambling application, you can ask for advice from senior players or through online gambling discussion forums. If you have found the right application, then you can then download the application file and install it on your Smartphone.

Usually if you download applications outside of Google Play, then you have to give permission to install the application through the settings menu or settings on your Smartphone. You do this by going to the settings menu and then looking for security and permission options on unknown sources.

After that you just have to wait for the installation process to complete. Usually no more than 1 minute the application installation process will be completed and the application can be run. If so, then open and run the application, proceed to the next process, which is to create an online poker gambling account.

How to Create an Account on Android Poker APK

After you complete the download and installation process for the Android poker gambling APK, the next step is to create an account so that it can be used to play Poker139 on the APK. The process of creating this account is very easy where you only need to prepare an active email address, personal account number, username and password that will be used to log in later. However, each Android Poker application can provide different conditions.

We recommend that you fill in all the data provided in the form correctly. So that nothing untoward happens in the future. After filling out the registration form, you can immediately process the registration and get an account on the Android Poker APK. Usually verification is required via the email address you used to register earlier.

The rest if you have finished creating an account in the poker gambling APK on Android, then you can make a deposit so that you can play poker gambling. Usually every Android Poker application already provides several choices of local bank accounts for deposit transfer purposes. So that’s the discussion about how to install the correct Android poker gambling APK.




Poker Information – Poker139 as one of the most trusted online poker agents in Indonesia is currently showing its quality again to show their credibility as one of the sites that need to be considered as a place to play Poker139 gambling games mainstay for lovers of online betting in Indonesia, and must be really vigilant by its competitors. Bandar Casino Terbesar

Because lately the prestige of the Poker139 site has increased drastically, and it is predicted that it will be able to overwhelm its opponents. And soon it looks like this site will become one of the largest online poker game agents in Indonesia, even in Asia.

This is because the Poker139 site always tries to provide the best service for everyone who joins them, both in terms of registration, deposit, withdrawal, and many other conveniences that are not necessarily provided by other online judi domino gaple and sakong agents.

In addition to the many conveniences offered, Poker139 also provides lots of bonuses and attractive promos that are distributed every week and some are even given every day to make all its members always happy and happy.


Especially for friends who love online betting, especially the dominoqq game, domino99, poker, sakong, and online bandarq gambling, the Poker139 site BANDAR POKER ONLINE ORIGINAL MONEY TRUSTED INDONESIA can be the most fitting choice at this time, apart from the fact that the Poker139 site has received recognition from lovers Indonesian online betting as one of the most trusted real money online poker and sakong agents in Indonesia. This Poker139 site has been recognized as credible

Yes, as an agent who is able to provide all the facilities and needs of Indonesian card gambling lovers.

Not only that as evidence that Poker139 BANDAR POKER ONLINE | DOMINOQQ | BANDAR Q | INDONESIAN TRUSTED ORIGINAL MONEY ONLINE BANDAR SAKONG is really a trusted site. This site also provides 24 live support services that can be contacted at any time, in various ways. Because the Poker139 site has provided many contacts that can be contacted by anyone in need. Among the contacts that you can use are the following.

So what are you waiting for if you want to feel the sensation of betting using real money, immediately join Poker139 BANDAR POKER ONLINE | DOMINOQQ | BANDAR Q | INDONESIAN TRUSTED ORIGINAL MONEY BANDAR SAKONG ONLINE.

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So what are you waiting for, friends, if you are currently looking for a site that provides a lot of games with a myriad of stunning features, then AGEN JUDI POKER | DOMINOQQ | THE BEST ONLINE BANDARQ IN INDONESIA is the most appropriate choice for you.


Register Poker and Domino Sites Online Deposit Via Credit on HP / Computer

You don’t have a laptop at home or a computer to register for a credit deposit online poker site? Don’t worry and don’t worry. You can do it via your HP. Not only using a smartphone, an ordinary cellphone that can only be used for SMS and also a telephone can also be used to register yourself as a member of a trusted poker gambling site. Bandar Casino Terbaik

Indeed, to play situs domino terpercaya you are required to use a PC or smartphone, but if you don’t have time to open a computer or there is no internet connection on your computer to register for an online poker deposit site via credit, you can use it via cellphone only. It’s easy and doesn’t take long. As long as you know the real number of the Poker139 gambling site, everything will be easy to do.

Now, you don’t have to worry anymore. Have never registered via cellphone, we will tell you how to do it the right way. You will know how easy it is to register using the cellphone you have. The following is information that we can explain to you as reference material for you if you want to register for a credit deposit poker gambling site via your cellphone.

How to get an admin number for deposit via credit

The first thing you have to do when you want to register on a poker gambling site via cellphone is to get an admin or CS number from the site you visit. You will not be registered without contacting CS or the admin on duty. For this reason, the following steps will help you register an online poker site to deposit credit via cellphone:

Find a trusted site by looking for it on a search engine like Google or past ads on people’s websites and ask friends. That will really help you to get a trusted site.

An official and trusted site has a good history and is more than 1 year old with a large number of members and most of them are still active.

The official and trusted site also has a good appearance with various default features to make it easier for members to manage their ID accounts Poker139 properly and correctly.

Now, in the existing features, there is a list column, the name of the bank that cooperates and also the CS number that can be contacted. You can choose one of the numbers according to the type of card you are using.

How to Register a Poker Site Via SMS and Application

After you get the number and it is clearly active, please register. For SMS you can do this by:

Type #name #usename #password #bank name #account number and #account name #email that is still active

Then, you directly send the format to the number you have chosen.

Wait for confirmation in a few moments. You can also use WA, Line and Telegram to register for this format.

As for the application, you can download and install the application, then open it. After opening it, there is a registration menu, you just click on the registration and fill out the form provided completely and clearly. Just like SMS, you will also get a confirmation afterwards.

You will find it difficult to do so if you are reluctant to seek the information. It’s not difficult, isn’t it to register a credit deposit online poker site via cellphone? Hope this information can help you.



Poker139- This time the SUPER10 Admin will review articles regarding the SUPER10 PLAY GUIDE TO WIN CONTINUE. Poker139 is one of the SUPER10 list agents, which is a SUPER10 game supply site, of course you are familiar with this type of game, this one is a type of game that is known in the Southeast Asian continent and including Indonesia. So, for those of you who really like playing the SUPER10 game, we really recommend that you play  Poker139 on the Poker139 site because you can be sure that you will get several types of benefits and the real comfort and enjoyment of playing. And before we go to our main topic of discussion, this time our admin will review the Poker139 site which is a legitimate SUPER10 list agent site on the Asian continent including Indonesia. Bandar Judi Casino

Super10 is one of the newest games from IDN Play or IDN Poker which takes a type of playing card game that is very popular in China called daftar domino online. IDNPlay as the biggest gambling game server in Indonesia continues to provide the latest updates for its loyal members with the latest games which of course are really interesting to play.

Poker139 – In Super 10 games, the place for the dealer button will generally go to the player to the left of the original winner. So when the game starts, the player to the left of the dealer button (the first winner) has the right to ante first and the dealer button will get the last turn.


  • The media of this game is IDNplay, this game uses playing cards (rummy cards).
  • The available table limit is smallest to VIP
  • One turnover (spin) of a super10 game is 4 rounds, namely:

Ante/blink bet 1st

Bet Fighthing 2nd

Last Card 3rd

Final Bet & Open card 4th

– The hero of victory in this game is the highest card value/point, which is 30 points.

Online poker – The card points that apply in the super 10 game are as follows:

The value of the card listed becomes a valuable number according to the numbers listed on the card, namely: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

While the value of the cards with pictures of kings, namely King, Queen and Jack is worth 10 points.

For the As/Ace card, there are 2 conditions that determine the number, namely:

If the two cards in your hand are worth less than 20 points, then the value of the aces you find is 11 points. But

If two cards in your hand are worth more than 20 points, then the ace will only cost 1 point.

Poker139- If the total number of cards is divided into 2 digits, then the last digit to be taken is the value. And for the JQK card it will have a value of 10 at the time of summation.

If there are 2 or more players, who have the same value (the highest value in that rotation) then the winner will be determined from the player who has the highest card (KA) if the highest card is the same, therefore the winner will be determined to flower from the card. the highest ( 1. Spades, 2. Hearts, 3. Curly, and 4. Diamonds )

Thus, the discussion of this article we share about

GUIDE TO PLAY SUPER10 WIN CONTINUE. Hopefully our article today is really useful for you. The Poker139 agent thanks those of you who want to take the time to read the interesting articles that we have prepared in the initial articles and please visit the most trusted gambling agent site Poker139

Regarding various types of bonuses and various types of interesting games that you can find when you enter the Poker139 agent, namely new member bonuses, weekend deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses and referral bonuses. And we provide local Indonesian banks that support, namely BCA, BNI, Mandiri, and Bri, Danamon, Cimb niaga banks, with a minimum deposit that is also very cheap, only 10 thousand. Don’t forget to come to Bandar Bola



Super10 Play Guide

Super10 Playing Guide – for those of you who want to play Super10 but don’t really understand how to play it, it’s better to read the guide that I will give you because Super10 gambling is the most popular in 2018.

Super10 Play Guide

Super10 Online Gambling is a game that is a combination of Sakong and online poker. where this game is very popular because the way to play domino online uang asli is very easy and profits can come quickly. Bandar Casino Terpercaya

Guide How to Play Super10

This game only uses 3 cards. In the initial round each player will place a bet first before the first 2 cards are dealt. After you and other players agree to place the same chip bet, then the 2 cards will be dealt. Once shared each Poker139 player will be able to choose to do:

  • Check to stay on Initial bet.
  • Raise To increase the chip bet.
  • Fold To not continue the game.

If you and the other players have agreed on the value of the chips to be bet, then a third card will be dealt and there will be a final bet where to determine the winner, you and the other players will place the last chip.

So it’s no wonder that Super10 gambling is very popular because as you can see from the way it plays it is really similar to online poker. It’s just that it’s just a gamble to play Sakong.

Super10 Online Playing Card Order

1. 3 Raja.

Consists of a King, Queen, or Jack card with any symbol as long as you get 3 picture cards whether it’s Jack Jack Jack or Queen Queen Jack.

2. Super10.

Is the sum of 3 cards that reach a total of 10

3. Value 10.

It is a combined sum of 3 cards that is similar to Super 10, only this 3 addition exceeds 10 such as 20 or 30 it will turn into an ordinary 10.

4. Value 9.

A combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards reaching 9 (nine) for King, Queen or Jack Cards is counted as 10 or 0.

5. Value 8.

Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards reaching 8 (eight).

6. Value 7.

A combination of 3 cards that reaches a total of 7 (seven) cards.

7. Value 6.

The combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards only reaches 6 (six).

8. Value 5 / Nilai 5.

The combination of 3 cards by reaching the total number of cards only reaches 5 (five).

9. Value 4.

A combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards reaching 4 (four).

10. Value 3.

A combination of 3 cards that reaches a value of 3 (three).

11. Value 2.

A combination of 3 cards that reach a value of 2 (two).

12. Value 1.

Is a combination of 3 cards that reach a value of 1 (one).

So that’s the order of the super10 cards that you can know. But there are also rules in this Super10 game, you know, such as:

If the total value of the 3 cards you have is a digit that exceeds 10 such as 17 or 31 then what is taken is the last number, namely 7 and 1.
If you and other Poker139 players have the same value then the winner will be determined for the one with the highest order of cards. King and Weakest is US. But if the highest card remains the same then the winner will be determined from the type of card from the highest to the weakest, namely Spades, Hearts, Curls and finally diamonds.
So this Guide to Playing Super10 Online is complete, hopefully it can help those of you who just want to play Super10 and see you in the next article.



The Complete Guide to How to Play Super Bull

Guide to Playing Super 10 on the Trusted Online Gambling Site Poker139

Bandar Poker Online Indonesia – Since it was launched by the existing DPOKER provider at Poker139 some time ago, Game Super 10 has attracted people to play. Some players easily won, but not a few even suffered defeat. Losing dewa poker qiuqiu players are usually due to a lack of knowledge of the trick of getting the Super 10 win itself. Well, if you are one of the players who often suffer defeats, you should follow Admin’s explanation in this article. Situs Slot Online Terbaik

The Trusted Super10 Poker Gambling Site – Poker139

One of the important points to easily win Super 10 games online, of course, is to understand how to play Super 10 well. Without knowing how to play, it will be very difficult for someone to win. You can learn from other players who already have extensive knowledge about the game Super 10 or you can also look for articles scattered on the internet that explain a lot about how to play Super 10?

Play this in an internet cafe if you don’t have a cellphone or laptop because it’s easy to access.

And Don’t Forget To Play At Poker139

Poker139 Site Because The Chance Of Win Rate at Poker139 Gets 97% Chance To Win.

BEST SUPER 10 SITE – Easiest Super 10 Winning Tricks

Tricks to Win the Easiest Super 10 Game

The next thing to note if you want to win Super 10 is to prepare enough capital, because the more capital available, someone’s mental playing will be affected, Admin’s intention is if there is an opponent who bluffs, while the cards in the hand are pretty good, then the player concerned will not easily back down alias still accept every bluff made by the opposing player.


The next trick that is recommended to try is to play at a table with a small bet first. The goal is for someone to ‘get used to’ playing Super 10 first, as well as learn while practicing, who knows later they will find a strategy to play that is not mainstream. The more often a player practices, the more accustomed he is to the atmosphere of playing Super 10 and then the victory will be easy to get


Trusted Super 10 Gambling – Later when you really master the Super 10 game, try to move to a table with a bigger bet. Switching tables can also be done if when playing at one table you never win once. This trick of moving tables is often practiced by people, including even professional players. It is known that changing tables can indeed change the conditions of the game, for example from those previously suffering from continuous losses, to being able to win even though not often.

The last trick that deserves to be practiced is to always be able to control the emotional atmosphere so that it is not easily provoked by the conditions of the game. Once a player is provoked by his emotions, the chances of losing will be even greater, because Super 10 cannot be played with unstable emotional conditions. For that, always keep your mood, emotions and mood as good as possible. If there is a problem in the real world that is quite heavy and attention-grabbing, avoid playing Super 10 first until emotions stabilize again.


Complete Guide to Playing Omaha

Pot Limit Omaha is another variation of the card game derived from Texas Hold’em Poker. Where the Player will be given 4 cards (Hole Cards) after placing the bet and 5 community cards will be distributed afterwards. Players must have the best 5 cards, where the card is a combination of 2 Hole Cards and 3 Community Cards.

Dealer Button

This button is to determine which player will be the Dealer at the table. In this game, the player to the right of the dealer will be the last situs poker bonus new member 30 player to make a decision (such as raise, call, etc.). Slot Online Indonesia

Bet Numbers (The Blinds)

Before starting a new game round, 2 Poker139 players at the table are required to place bets to start the game. 1 player to the left of the dealer will place the minimum bet (Small Blind), and the player to the left of the Small Blind will place the maximum bet (Big Blind).

Mandatory Bet Number (Antes)

In Pot Limit Omaha also has Antes. This is a mandatory bet number where all Poker139 players at the table must place their bets before the game starts. Antes will be featured before The Blinds.

Bet Limits in Omaha Pot Limit

The minimum bet number to raise in Pot Limit Omaha is the Big Blind.

Minimum Raise Number: The minimum number to raise is the same as the previous player’s bet number or the same as the bet number in the current game.

Maximum Raise Number: The maximum raise number is the total number in the Pot plus the total bet on the table and added to the nominal Call that must be made before the player raises.

Example: The Big Blind number is 1,000. After the flop, the number in the pot is 3,000. When player 1 bets 2,000, now Player 2 can raise up to a maximum number of 9,000. This is because the 2nd Player must call 2,000 added to the total bet on the table, namely: 3,000 (in the pot) + 2,000 (player 1’s bet number) = 7,000 (total pot now before the 2nd player’s raise).

Game Sequence

  • Antes and The Blinds are placed first
  • 4 cards are dealt to each player (Hole Cards)
  • The first bet starts from the player to the left of the Dealer button (moves clockwise).
  • Then the flop card will be displayed, these are the first 3 cards of the 5 community cards that will be displayed on the table.
  • The second bet starts with the player to the left of the Dealer button.
  • Then the Turn card will be displayed.
  • The third betting will start.
  • Then the River card will be displayed as the last of the 5 community cards.
  • The 4th or last bet is made.

Betting Round

Each player will have 1 chance to make decisions that are made clockwise. Starting from the player to the left of the Dealer button or the player to the left of the Big Blind (for the first betting round).

Each player on his chance must make 1 of the following 3 choices:

  • Check: Not making any decisions and the chance will be given to the next player. This choice can be made if the game is NO BET, NO RAISE or CALL
  • Call:Adjusting bet numbers with other players
  • Bet/Raise: Increase the bet amount on a specific number in the game.
  • Fold: Discard Hole Cards and give up the game.


After the last bet is completed, all players will show their cards. The card with the best player will be declared the winner.


The winner is determined by the player who has the best 5 cards. Where the 5 cards are mandatory a combination of 2 Hole Cards and 3 Community Cards.

5 Best Card Combinations: Starting from the card that has the highest value to the lowest.

1. Royal Flush: This is the best card combination.

This combination consists of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and number 10 with the same card symbol.

2. Straight Flush: Arrangement of 5 cards in a row with the same symbol

If in the case of “Tie” : The highest card in the line is the winner. The best possible Straight Flush is the Royal Flush, which consists of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and a 10 in the same suit. Royal Flush is a combination of cards that cannot be beaten.

3. Four of a Kind: A combination of 4 cards with the same number and 1 other card as a “Kicker”

If in the case of “Tie” : The highest card in the Four of a kind is the winner.

4. Full House: A combination of 3 cards with the same number and 2 other cards with the same number.

If in the “Tie” case: the same 3 cards with the highest number are the winners. If several players have the same winning combination on the community cards, the winner will be determined from the other 2 cards.

5. Flush: Combination of 5 cards with the same symbol

In the case of “Tie” : The Poker139 player who has the highest card wins. If needed, the second, third, fourth or fifth highest card can be used to determine the winner. However, the card symbol itself cannot be used to determine the winner.

6. Straight: A combination of 5 cards in a row.

In the case of “Tie” : The player who has the highest number in the sequence wins. Note: Ace cards can be used as the highest or lowest cards in the sequence. And only Ace cards can be used in the following combinations:
-A,K,Q,J,10 (Ace cards are the highest cards)
-5,4,3,2,A (Ace cards are the lowest cards).

7. Three of a kind: A combination of 3 cards with the same number as 2 other cards.

In the case of “Tie” : The player who has the highest number in the same 3 cards is the winner. If several players have the same winning combination on the community cards, the winner will be determined by another card that is the highest. And if required, the second highest card will be determined as the winner.

8. Two Pair: A combination of 2 pairs of cards with 2 different types of numbers and 1 other card.

In the case of “Tie” : the player who has the highest pair of cards wins. If several players have the same pair of cards, then the second highest card pair wins. If both players have the exact same pair of cards, then the winner will be determined from 1 other card.

9. One Pair: A combination of 2 cards with the same number and 3 other cards.

In the case of “Tie” : The player who has the highest pair of cards wins. If several players have the same pair of cards, the winner will be determined from the other 3 highest cards. And if needed, the second or third highest card can be used to determine the winner.

10. High Card: The highest card number obtained from a random combination

In the case of “Tie” : The player who has the highest card number will be the winner. And if needed, the second, third, fourth highest card or the card with the smallest value can be used to determine the winner



Guide How to Play Super 10 Complete

Super10 is a simple game that takes the idea of ​​Samgong or the three picture game, the difference is that this game is played between players while Samgong is played with a dealer.

At the beginning of the game each player will be given two cards and after that one card will be dealt further so that the total card is three cards each for each player. Slot Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan

In view of

Before the game round begins, all  judi qq terpercaya players are required to issue bets to start the game. Without this initial bet, the game would be very boring because no one is required to put money into the pot.

Purpose of the Game

The goal of this game is to get the highest value from the number of cards in the hand with the highest value being 10, the number of calculations you can see in the card example in the next explanation.

The game moves clockwise, starting from the left of the dealer button position (the player who won in the previous period). In general, before the cards are distributed, all players will place an ante (ante is a mandatory bet for all Poker139 players before the hand starts) according to the value that has been determined in the table list listed before you enter the game.

In this game, each player will receive two cards at the beginning of the game, after which one card will be dealt again so that the Poker139 player will hold 3 cards each in his hand and the player who has the highest number of combinations will win the game.

Order of cards from highest:

1. Three Picture
Combination of 3 cards with the same card value

2. Any Three Picture
Consists of a combination of King, Queen or Jack cards, with free flower symbols (hearts, diamonds, diamonds, kriting)

3. Super 10
Combination of 3 cards with a total amount of 10

4. Value Ten
Combination of 3 cards with a total of 20 and 30 cards with a QJK card having a value of 10.

5. Value 9
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 9

6. Value 8
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 8

7. Value 7
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 7

8. Value 6
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 6

9. Value 5
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 5

10. Value 4
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 4

11. Value 3
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 3

12. Value 2
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 2

13. Value 1
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 1


If the total number of cards consists of 2 digits, the last digit will be taken as the value. and for the JQK card it will have a value of 10 at the time of summation.

If there are 2 or more players who have the same value (the highest value in the round) then the winner will be determined by the player who has the highest card (K – A) and if the highest card is also the same, the winner will be determined to flower from the highest card. these (1.Shovel, 2.Hearts, 3.Curls and 4.Diamonds)



Complete Guide to How to Play BlackJack

Blackjack is a card game in which players compete directly against the dealer using 4 decks of cards.

Pure blackjack cards are 21 in total, which is 2 cards consisting of an ace card and one card from one of the following cards; jack, queen and king or 10. Judi Slot Indonesia

While other blackjack combinations can amount to more than 3 cards or more

If the number of cards is more than 21 then it is considered Busted (lost)

  • Ace cards can be worth 1 or 11.
  • All cards from 2 to 10 are worth according to the number of cards.
  • All picture cards (jack, queen and king) are worth 10.
  • Leaves/flowers have no value.
  • Here are the winning rules for the Blackjack game
  • Players are paid double if they get pure blackjack and the dealer scores under blackjack. For example, installing 2000, situs qiu qiu online players will get 6000 (including bet capital)
  • The player is declared to win if the dealer is busted (more than 21) and is paid according to the number of bets placed.
  • Players will lose if they are busted (more than 21).
  • The player loses if the card value is lower than the dealer’s card value.
  • The player or dealer is declared defeated if he gets a value of 21 (more than 2 cards) and the opponent gets pure blackjack (2 cards).
  • The player’s bet is returned if the value of the Poker139 player’s card is the same as the value of the dealer’s card.
  • The player bet is refunded if the player and dealer both get pure blackjack.



In this game, you can choose to be the dealer or the player. If you decide to become a dealer, you are required to have a minimum of chips to become a dealer, depending on which table you want to play at.

The dealer’s position is always above and the player’s position is below the dealer

Note: the game will not start until the dealer and at least one player are seated at the table.


You have to choose the bet amount and then choose the chips you want to bet on

Here are the button options

Press the Confirm Bet button to place a bet,

Press the Clear Bet button if you want to cancel the bet

Press the Last Bet button to place a bet for the previous period.


After the bet is placed the dealer or player will be dealt two cards each. Both player cards will be exposed while for the Dealer only one card is open and one is face down.


After the cards are divided, a button will appear below. The active button will depend on the value of the card in the hand.

Select STAND If you don’t want to add a card, then the game will continue to the next player. See also the available timers. If the time runs out, your choice will be automatically selected STAND by the system.

If you select HIT, you will receive a card, the HIT button will remain active if your card has not reached 21 and the system will display BUSTED if the card value exceeds 21


The insurance button will activate if the dealer has an ace card, you have the option to install insurance to guess whether the dealer will get pure Blackjack or not. Insurance value is half of the bet amount

If you press the INSURANCE button, if the Dealer gets Pure Blackjack, then you will get a bet 2 times the amount of the insurance pair.

If the dealer’s card does not get Pure blackjack, then your insurance is forfeited and the winning count is calculated according to the rules.


If you get a tie in your hand you have the option to split the 2 cards into 2 bets on the table. Then the divided card opens into a new card and a new bet according to the number of chips you place. as in the following example:

You can choose Stand or Hit on the 2 bets as in the following example, wins and losses are calculated according to the rules described earlier. Both bets can still form pure blackjack cards (a card worth 10 and an ace) and both bets can HIT more than 1 time up to a maximum of 7 cards from each hand/bet.


In some situations, if you believe the cards in your hand are good you can double your bet once two cards have been dealt. If you press the DOUBLE button, then the amount of your bet will be added according to the number of the initial pair.

Note: If you press the double button the card comes out only once, and there is no other option but to accept whatever value is added to the card.


In certain situations if you feel your card is not good, you can also have the option to surrender by pressing the SURRENDER button, then the amount of bets that have been installed will be returned in half.

In the following example the Poker139 player places a bet of 10000 and the chip is returned in the amount of 5000


You can buy the jackpot in each spin in the bottom left column:

Jackpot calculation is a combination of the dealer’s first 1 card and the player’s first 2 cards. Jackpot purchases can apply to both dealers and players.

Example of a Three of A Kind combination to win the jackpot

Kartu Dealer As

Player Poker139 Cards: Ace, Ace

You can see jackpot prizes and Jackpot combination cards in the jackpot menu as shown in the picture

If you become a Dealer

If you become a dealer, your options are limited and you don’t have to do anything, everything is done by the system, the option you can do is buy the jackpot.

You cannot have SPLIT, DOUBLE, or SURRENDER options. Your choice is only HIT and STAND

The dealer is declared STAND if they have a card value of 17 or more, and HIT if the card value is below 16. If the Dealer is BUSTED then all players still in the round will win.



A Complete Guide to How to Play Capsa Susun

The Capsa Susun game can be played with a maximum of 4 players and a minimum of 2 players. Each player will get 13 cards then the player must arrange the 13 cards into 3 rows. The first line or back consists of 5 cards. The second or middle row consists of 5 cards, and the third or front row consists of 3 cards. Players can use the “Auto” feature to automatically arrange cards by the system, if the player fails to arrange the cards before the allotted time expires, the system will automatically arrange the cards for the poker deposit pulsa 10000 player.

Victory Condition

Each line of cards will be against a line of cards from other players. For example, if there are 4 players, the back card from player A will fight the back card from player B, C and D. If the row of cards wins from another player, he will get 1 point/unit from each player he managed to defeat, while if the line loses, then it will be deducted 1 point/unit from each winning opponent. Judi Slot Online Indonesia

Like the example in the picture above, the Poker139 player in the middle gets -2 points on the back row, because his back card lost to his two opponents. While the front row gets +2 points because the front card wins from both opponents.

In this game there are special card combinations which if you win will give you more than 1 point/unit (will be explained below). Poker139 Players must arrange cards from the strongest on the bottom or back to the weakest on the top or front. The order of the strength of the combination is the same as the combination in the Poker game. Pair, Two Pair, Straight, Flush, and others. Further explanation of card combinations will be explained below.

Point/Unit Calculation

First, players can choose a game table according to the nominal unit they want. The nominal unit is shown in the “Stakes” column. This unit nominal is used to calculate the number of wins or losses per game period.

At the end of each period, the total points of each player will be calculated. The total points/units of each player will be multiplied by the nominal unit of the table.

Like the example in the picture above, the player in the middle gets -2 as a total point, and because he plays at a table with a nominal unit of 100, he loses by 200 credits. While the player on the right gets a total of 2 points, so he wins 200 credits (minus the table fee).

Special Card Combinations

The following is a special card combination which, if won, can give the player more than 1 point/unit. To remind here are the terms of each line; back = bottom row, middle = middle row, front = top row. And below is a list of special card combinations:

Three of kind pada baris front = 3 points/units
Full House pada baris middle = 2 points/units
Four of kind pada baris back atau middle = 8 points/units
Royal Flush/Straight Flush pada baris back atau middle = 10 points/units

Players only get bonus points from special card combinations if the card wins from the opponent’s card. For example images of special card combinations can also be accessed from the Payout menu in the game.

Examples of all special card combinations can be seen in the Payout menu in the game.

Natural Card Combination

Natural card combinations are combinations made up of 13 cards. Natural card combinations are stronger than special card combinations. The calculation of natural card combination points is calculated from all the cards in the hand because the natural combination uses all 13 cards (back, middle and front). Here’s a list of natural card combinations from strongest to weakest:

Dragon Card – 36 points: 13 cards consisting of 2 to Ace, can use different flowers/symbols.
12 Royalties/All Alphabets – 32 points: all 13 cards consist of picture cards and Aces (Jack-US).
Three Straight Flushes – 24 points: all three rows of cards form a Straight Flush .
Three Quads – 20 points: 13 cards consisting of 3 four-of-a-kind combinations and 1 free card.
All Low/High – 12 points: all 13 cards under 8 or over 8 (All High is stronger than All Low).
Full-colored – 10 points: all 13 cards are black (spades or curls) or red (hearts or diamonds).
Four Triples – 8 points: 13 cards consisting of 4 three-of-a-kind combinations and 1 free card.
Six Pairs – 6 points: 13 cards consisting of 6 pairs of pairs and 1 free card.
Three Straights – 4 points: all three rows of cards form a straight combination (KA2 and JQKA2 do not count as straights).
Three Flushes – 3 points: all three rows of cards form a flush combination (10 cards of the same suit count as 2 flush combinations).
No Broadway Cards – 3 points: all 13 cards have no picture (Aces count as non-draw).
Natural card combinations are stronger than all special card combinations. As Player A has a Royal Flush in the middle row, Player B has a combination of Six Pairs, then Player B wins in that period. The combination of players must win from their opponents to get points from this natural card combination.

The points for each of the combinations described above are points for winning against one of the opponents, so if a player wins over all three of his opponents, he will get three times the points of the natural card combination.

As Player A gets a dragon card while his opponent’s cards are weaker, then Player A gets 36 points x 3 = 108 points and each opponent loses by 36 points. Examples of all natural card combinations can also be seen from the Payout menu in the game.


Scoop is a special condition in which a player defeats one or more of his opponents in all three rows. Scoop will give a bonus of +3 points while reducing the opponent’s bonus by -3 points. The player will get the Scoop bonus only if he wins on all three rows of cards using a regular card combination and a special card combination. If the player wins with a natural card combination, then he does not get the bonus scoop points.

Like the example in the picture above, the player on the left managed to get a scoop against two of his opponents (scoop can also be obtained if he only wins from one opponent). The player’s three rows on the left win against all three rows of his two opponents.

Therefore, the player on the left gets a +6 bonus point and each opponent is deducted 3 points. Because the table has a nominal value of 100, the player on the left gets 1200 credits.

If there are 4 players at the table and one of the players wins the scoop against his three opponents, he will get a homerun bonus of +9 points from each opponent (so a total of +12 from each opponent is obtained from the homerun and scoop) and each opponent will lose 9 points from a homerun and 3 points from a scoop. As

Please note that this homerun bonus is only for a table full of 4 players, if there are only 3 players and one player manages to get the scoop to both opponents, he only gets +3 from the bonus scoop from each opponent. Likewise with the natural combination rule, if a player wins from all his opponents with a natural card combination, then he does not get a scoop bonus or a homerun.

Swap Cards

When choosing a table, players can choose a table with the Swap Card feature. The following is an explanation of the Swap Card feature:

After all players have received cards, each player has the opportunity to exchange a maximum of 3 cards that they do not want to use. After all players have agreed on the cards to be exchanged (or not exchanged at all) or if the time is up, the selected cards will be shuffled in the middle and redistributed to random players.

This feature can help players get better cards. However, because the distribution is random, the player is likely to get his card back.

Common Card Combinations
Here are the usual card combinations from the strongest to the weakest:

Royal Flush Straight Ace of the same suit (ie; 10,J,Q,K, Ace all hearts)
If more than one player has a Royal Flush, the winner will be determined by the higher suit. Flower ranking order (strongest to weakest): Spades, Hearts, Curls and Diamonds

Straight FlushStraight cards of the same suit (ie; 2,3,4,5,6 of Spade)
If more than one player has the same Straight Flush rank, the winner will be determined by the higher suit . Flower ranking order (strongest to weakest): Spades, Hearts, Curls and Diamonds

Four of a KindFour cards with the same rank (ie; 4,4,4,4, Ace)
Full HouseThree of a kind and a pair in a row (ie; 3,3,3,5,5)

The Three of a kind card will be used as a comparison to determine the winner in the Full House combination

  • FlushFive cards with the same suit (ie; 5 diamonds) If more than one player has a Flush, then the player with the higher suit wins, if the flowers are the same then the winner is determined from the rank of the cards. , Hearts, Curls and Diamonds
  • StraightFive cards of consecutive rank (ie; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Three of a KindThree cards of the same rank in 1 row (ie 3 Spades, 3 Hearts, 3 Diamonds and 2 cards any)
  • Two PairTwo pairs of Pair cards in 1 row (ie 8 Spades, 8 Diamonds and 3 Spades, 3 Hearts and any card)
  • Pair Two cards of the same rank in 1 row (ie 3 Spades and 3 Diamonds) If more than one player has a Pair of the same rank, the winner will be determined from the higher suit.
  • Flower ranking order (strongest to weakest): Spades, Hearts, Curls and Diamonds
  • High Card The highest ranking card without any combination. The highest rank is As. If more than one player has a High Card of the same rank, the next highest card will be used to determine the winner,

If you arrange the cards in the wrong order then you will lose in that period.

Please try and good luck!